Added Fog lights not working Micra k11

So I added fog lights to my 2000 Micra and I'm having a bit of trouble. I tried looking at some other threads but I'm none the wiser, I've put the fog lights in, wired them up but they don't come on, the stalk on my Micra has the fog lights option but I'm not sure if it only works for the rear ones. There's a relay for the front fog lights in the fuse box to the right of the steering wheel but there was already one in there so I'm not sure if it's that either. I was just wondering where as I've added then there's be some extra wiring somewhere that I have to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've added a pic of my Micra.


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On my k12 it only has rear fog on the stalk.
This isn't clear but the face to left and right denoting front/rear.
I have not installed any before but you either need the correct stalk that can toggle the front fog on and off.
Or the other option would be a simple switch button.
Someone will likely have more info on this for you.
You will also need to change the stalk to have the front fog light option. The fog lights ring on the stalk has 3 positions, 1 - fog lights off, 2 - front fog lights only and then 3 - front & rear fog lights.
If you are lucky, the wiring, relay and the bulb in the speedo assembly for the front fogs are all there and just swapping the stalk may be all that is required.
I have done this to my 1998 1.0 GX - luckily it did have all the components fitted and was 'plug and play', I know others on this forum have had difficulties with missing wires, relays etc...
My S model only has the switch for the rear fog lights. What trim is yours? Did it have the fog light wires there? When I had the front bumper off on mine I could not see any fog light wiring.

My first thought was maybe you could wire the front fogs into the power for the rear fog. But that might draw more current and potentially blow a fuse so don't try that unless you need to I guess.

I've researched this topic before though and a lot of people do end up buying the replacement stalk with the separate front fog switch, most likely due to the same problem you're having. But I haven't tried myself so I can't speak from experience.

Hope this helps 👍
The part number for the Micra switch with both front and rear fog lights is 25540-5F801. This unit is also used on the Nissan Terrano - also known as the Ford Maverick, which is from where I got mine via that well known auction site.

The Primera P11 switch has the part number 25540-2F500, which also fits some Almeras. I don't think it fits the Micra.
FYI - the wiper stalk from the similar age Terrano works with the later (from ~1997ish) which means you can have variable intermittent wipe at the front and the rear wiper either intermittent (fixed timing) or constantly on. I've done this too.

Clarification point - the vehicle which uses the same type stalks is Terrano II from ~1997 up to ~ 2003. The later Terrano II (from ~ 2003) has completely different stalks.
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