AC/Heat vent grill - diffuser?

I'm missing the left side vent grill (I think it's called a diffuser?) from my 89 Pao.
Two questions:
1) Are there other Nissan models that have the same size grill that I can use?
2) HOW do you remove these vents without cracking the plastic?

Thanks for any info.


Ok you will need a plastic prizer toll kit you can buy cheap on eBay

Lots of numerous different tools in it to use for popping out different type clips

U have to apply pressure easy to each side of the vent as Thiers a tiny piece of plastic that pops into a hole

So you have to easily apply pressure and pop that out

Once u do the vent should just come out with some wiggling
Thanks Tom. I was applying some side pressure using a putty knife and noted a tiny crack appearing on the vent piece itself, so I stopped.
2 questions:
1) Should I remove the whole vent piece first (the plastic duct, held in by 2-3 screws)?
2) Will a diffuser-vent from any other car fit the Pao? No Pao's in the scrap yard, but there are Sentras, etc.
If u can loosen the one side the vent should wiggle out

As far as I’m aware the vents from a k11 should fit I’m not to sure

I’m actially looking for a replacement vent myself at the moment
If I get a vent out, I'll take it to one of the big Pull-A-Part yards around here and try to match up the size. Will let you know if successful.