AC Compressor Not Triggering


I was wondering if someone could help suggest any ideas to a problem I am having with the AC compressor. The compressor seems to be fine and not jammed next to the belt.

so the compressor doesn’t look like it is starting up when the button is pressed on the centre console, so it doesn’t seem to be trigger the magnitising to pull the wheel towards the belt. I’ve tested the connection and it doesn’t seem to have power going to it, I went into the relay and tested the 3 of them in the bonnet under the front passenger side headlight.

I tested them by removing the relay and shorting the connection by getting some cable and inserting into the two power prong sockets.

Cooling fan relay 1 and 3 both worked but 2 did not, is there any advice on what could be causing this and what to test next or what to do as a work around?
Ok so a couple of things to check for yourself :

You are not getting power down to the a/c electro magnet pulley so i would assume you have tested this correctly and are sure your not getting your 12v supply . A number of things can cause this
1- No gas in thew ac system
2 - Problem with ac system pressure sensor or wiring (if fitted)
3 - Engine malfunction light on the dash , if your car has stored fault code it protects engine by not allow ac to trigger and adding another load to engine.

I would supply 12v to the ac unit and make sure the clutch pulley does in fact still engage ( car not running)

If you can come back with some more information i can help you more to work at the relay side of things.
I couldn't find the relay, so I have wired in another relay with a switch on the dash to power the circuit. I think all the gas has escaped as there is no cold air produced.
is there gas in the system? it wont work if its empty.
relay is under headlight, sensor on aircon radiator behind gril to indicators. iv been through mine back to front , only to be told by an ac shop im wasting my time to it has gas in it.
have to wait to i get it finished and on the road with MOT or get a can of gas off ebay and give it a test.
Thanks for the reply. I bought the car in June but I didn't check the aircon at the time as the guy said he charged the system at the bus garage where he works and said it was super cold, but when I did eventually try it, the system wouldn't work. Now have it running and not cold at all so I'm guessing that there is a leak somewhere ?