ABS light on - need advice please

Hi guys,

I recently changed a rear drum brake (with bearing) on a 2004 K12, simple enough to do. Trouble is, the ABS light is now permanently on, and my MOT expires next week. I know it's an MOT fail.

I'm wondering what could have triggered the light, as the drum brake seems to be one of the easiest parts to replace. I can't think I damaged anything when I replaced it. Does the Micra have a magnetic ABS sensor ring on the brake drum? I certainly didn't see one when I removed the old drum.

I read somewhere that it's possible to wire up the ABS bulb to the battery bulb so the correct sequence is followed for the MOT, but I do not have a clue how to do that.

I'm happy to receive any suggestions or any advice.

Was the drum definitely off a micra? I tried fitting a renault one on mine and it shredded the abs sensor. The abs ring is on the drum/hub cover,looks like a cog.