Abs and brake warning light flickering intermittently

Sure sounds like an abs sensor issue to me,either a sensor or abs ring on the back inside front cover of the drums.

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The plot thickens garage diagnosed a f/os/sensor they replaced it but car still has same fault abs and brake warning lights on intermittently plus speedo dropping to 0 and I've now notice lack of acceleration when lights are on bit like a flat spot it's now booked in at an auto electrician as nissan wanted 130 quid plus vat just to plug it in
Check it has the correct rear drum hubs Put a clio one on mine and it kept eating the abs sensor,exact same symptoms as you have now,all because abs ring is bigger and different on the clio

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We've had the car over 3 years and never had any problems with the rear brakes so they haven't been touched was there any visible sign of damage on the sensors so I can take a look it's worth a shot but due to the intermittent on off I'm stating to thing the wiring is shot somewhere


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the back light bulbs are a common fault on the k12, you get power loss and wierd stuff
i think its because the ecu uses the brakelight input on the drive-by-wire throttle system, so if you use the throttle when the brakelights are faulty the ecu thinks you are breaking and accelerating at the same time (so it shuts the throttle servo)
Just had a quick fiddle unclipped the abs bloc connector didn't look bad from what I could see so I pushed it on and off a few times to maybe rub off any corrosion on the pins took if for a drive after and no warning lights so that might be the fault question is what now do it just spray some cleaner on the connector pins etc then plug it back in then spray with ignition sealer?


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There's a spray you get called something like electrical contact cleaner. That's prob the best one to use.
Hell,welcome back guy. Long time no see on here. And yes you're right on the electrical contact cleaner spray :)

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