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Official MSC Trader
Name - Martin
Age - 25
Occupation - Mechanic
Location - Northwich
Hobbies - Tuning, car shows, skateboarding
Current cars - K10, s14, rx8, impreza, mr2 gts turbo
Previous cars - 8 fiestas, 2 k11's, skyline, 2 s13's, 2 corsa's, polo, golf, fc rx7, integra dc2, 3 civics, prelude, carisma, astra, escort van, mondeo, saxo vts, almera, sunny, pulsar there's more but struggling to remember


Steve :)
Name - steveo holdich
Age - 22
Location - belfast, northern ireland
Music - anything with a dirty bassline
Occupation - recently unemployed but used to be builder/roofer etc
Hobbies - golf,rugby,windsurfing and of course my wee micra
Current car - Nissan Micra K11 1.0s
past cars - non legal mini 1275 gt grass track, sierra 2.0 glsi learnt to drive on private roads
Name - Dan Mead
Age - 30
Location - Kent
Music - bit of everything
Occupation - Design Estimator
Hobbies - PS3, movies, karting
Current car - K12 Nissan Micra 160SR and Mk2 Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 SRi
(some) Past cars (in no particular order) - 01MY EM2 Honda Civic Coupe, 98MY MB6 Honda Civic VTi, 96MY UKDM Honda Prelude 2.2 vetec, 95MY UKDM Subaru Impreza Turbo Wagon, MK3 Ford Mondeo TDCi, MK1 Ford Ka
First post on here.

Name - Dave Allan
Age - 17
Location - Aberdeen
Music - Hard House, or anything with a beat.
Occupation - Recently achieved SVQ2 in car painting and refinishing before being given the sack.
Hobbies - Cars, Music, Xbox, Scoopin!
Current car - TBA, looking at '98 K11 1.3 GX
past cars - None, learnt to drive in Peugeot 206 1.4 8v
Name: Miles Mitchel
Age: 23
Music: metal, rock
Occupation: junior Web developer
Hobbies: football, video games, cars
Cars Owned: Nissan Micra 2001 1.4 Petrol Silver
Howdy all!
Quick Introduction I guess!

Name: Dave
Location: Originally from Texas, currently in Nagoya, Japan
Age: 27
Occupation: Technical translator/writer
Hobbies: Cars... and uh... more cars!
Current cars: 1967 Mitsubishi 360, 1971 Fairlady Z, 1973 Isuzu Bellett, 1988 300ZX SS, 1991 March Super Turbo
Previous cars: 1972 GC10 Skyline, 1986 FC3S RX7, 1986 AE86 Rolla, 1987 300ZX N/A, 1990 Nissan Leopard, 1998 Mitsubishi Minica, 2000 Toyota Chaser

Haha, so I'm a bit of a Japanese car nut!
Pics to come in appropriate sections!

Name: Alex Strike
Age: 17
Music: DnB, dubstep, some rocky metally stuff (not too much :p) mainly bout the dub (Y)
Occupation: Heating and domestic ventilation engineer ... or plumber >,<
Hobbies: the micra, skating, BMX, PS3 and sleep :laugh:
Car owned: 2001 micra 1.0l S (his name is mika(Y))
Name : Aky
Age : 27
Hobbies : cars mostly
Current cars : micra dci 82 se, ej6 b18 civic coupe
Previous cars : 106 diesel, 405td, primera egt, s13 200sx, mb6, b20 civic eg, 306hdi to name few
Name: Aleksander Zaky
Age: 25
Music: House, Progressive, Trance, Goa, Psychedelic
Hobby: Racing, Music, Movies, Travelling
Ocupation: Studying telecommunications and working at IT company
Car Owned: Nissan Micra K11 94' LX model
Msn: alexzaki1986[at]hotmail[dot]com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alexzaki1986

Hello there folks, just joined :)

Name: Matt Moose
age: 40-ish
music: electronic, classical, rave, chillout, anything with a brain and heart behind it
job: scientific instrument design engineer
hobbies: repairing broken things
car: P-reg Vibe 998cc (tell me, are there other types of Vibe out there?)

I'll be asking for experiences about fixing rattly cam chains later, when I can find the right section to post in!


Club Member
Name: Neil
Age: 27
Music: everything!
Hobbies: cars and carp fishing!! (Y)
Job: air compressor maintenance engineer
Car: k10 micra 1.0l, Citroën berlingo
Previous cars: corsa, ax, Suzuki sj413 (mini monster truck) loads of vans

Anyone into carp fishing and is interested in renting a lake in France, msg me, everything you need is already out there, just need bait and tackle box. House sleeps 6 (double bed, 2 single beds, double sofa bed ) lake stocked with 250 carp to 30+ lb, big kois too!!! Awesome place all to yourself. I was out there few months ago, had 40 carp in a few days, most of the top to so great fun!!!' perfect for families and groups of friends!
First post thought i would introduce mysely :D

Name: Ben
Job: transport manager
Music: anything with a nice bassline, chase and status and the like
Cars: Mini JIffy (mini based kit car), metro turbo, Polo breadvan mk3, soon to be micra
Other forums: Clubpolo, Retrorides, TheMiniForum, Turbominis, Metro owners club, Edition38, Trampdrift, Drift works among many others! :D

Thats about it really, hoodedreeper who i believe is on clubpolo may know me as POLOMON on there ;-) maybe not lol
Newbie saying Hello (Y)

Name : Nick
Age: 37
Job: Car Mechanic
Location: Long Eaton (Derby/Notts)
Music: Anything although preference is Indy.
Hobbies : Shooting & motorsport
Cars : Too many..... recent addition k11 1.0 2K MY
Name - Kyle
Age - 24
Music - A lot of stuff, though mains: Trance, Rock, Metal, Classical
Occupation - Sales Assistant at Cash & Carry
Hobbies - Listening to music/making, 3D modeling, Photography, Designing (partially), Parkour, Dance games (DDR/Dancing Stage/ITG (In The Groove)/PIU (Pump It Up)
Not been driving for all that long, but enjoying that too, though still learning even though I've passed to be honest.
Cars - Nissan Micra Tempest 1.0 (Blue)
Name: Sam
Age: 20
Music: Rock, metal, classic rock, trance
Hobbies: Stock car racing, karting, gaming, music
Car: Micra K11 1.0 Tempest
Name: Maris Lels
Age: 32
Nationality : Latvian
Ocupation: security + study IT networking
Hobbies: Computers, cars
Cars owned: Nissan skyline, vw passat, Currently have - fiat punto and nissan micra k11 1.0 l.(waiting for another engine)
Name: Nicky
Age: 19
Nationality : South wales
Ocupation: Mechanic
Hobbies: Cars, racing lot's!!
Cars owned:Vauxhall Corsa GSI, Vauxhall Nova GSI, Now MICRA :D (Y)
Name: Dave
Age: 27
Nationality : English
Ocupation: Tool hirer
Hobbies: Cars, cars, bikes, cars, engines, football, photography, astronomy, cars and cars
Cars owned: Lots of Ford Capris, random Vauxhall Belmont, Mk5 Ford Cortina, B1800 Mazda truck, VW Polo, coulple of Mk2 Fiesta XR2s, KP60 Toyota Starlet, K10 Micra, Reliant Scimitar SS1, Mercedes 190E, E30 BMW 320i, Mk3 Toyota Supra 3.0 Turbo, Nissan 200sx S13, '76 Mazda 1300, Sierra XR4x4, Mitsubishi Shogun 3.0
Cars currently owned: Ford Capri with Nissan CA18DET and K10 Micra 1.2....
Name: Druv
Age: 26
Nationality: Mauritian
Occupation: ICT Teacher
Hobbies: fixing things, cars, computers, electrics
Car owned: nissan march 1.0L (my first car!)
Better introduce myself, as I've been lurking around for a week or so now.

Name - Ulrich C
Age - 36
Occupation - Telephone sales in bicycle industry.
Location - Skanderborg, Denmark.
Hobbies - Cars, mountainbiking, music.
Likes - Rock music, coffee, italian food, cars, coffee, bikes... Hmm...coffee.
Current car - K11 1.3 LX 1993, 289.000 kms on the clock.
Previous cars - Plenty... On my 5th K11 now. 18th car since 1993.

Finally found this site. Not many Micra enthusiasts in Denmark. Hope to find some good advice and inspiration. (Y)
Name: Rehan
Age: 20
Location: Birmingham
Music: Anything and Everything with a good beat
Hobby: RC Nitro Cars,Cars
Car Owned: 1990 1.6 i-VT EE9,2002 Micra K11


Site Supporter
Name: Thomas
Age: 27
Location: Lummen, Belgium
Hobby: offroad endurance races
Car owned: K11, BMW 320d, BMW 323i, BMW 318tds, opel corsa, honda civic
Name: Michael
Age: 23
D.O.B: 11/12/1987
Location: Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
Cars owned: 1. k10 J reg Micra. 2. W reg Tigra. 3. (current) K10 E reg Micra
Hi i'm new here. Don't bully me!

Name - Ben Brown
Age - 19
Occupation - Car Designer (in training)
Location - Redditch (Worcestershire)
Hobbies - Cars, cycling , gaming
Current car - K11 1.0 in RED y0
Name: Nicholas Capogreco
Age: 24
Occupation: Student
Music: Everything?
Hobby: Cars, 4x4ing, fishing, fish, surfing, my gf
Car Owned: 1.3 K11, teal green :)
Name: Kate
Age: 26
Music: Most types
Occupation: Studying for a PhD
Hobbies: Climbing (mainly bouldering), mountain-biking, fell running, drinking wine...
Cars Owned: K11 1.0 S (I think)
Name: Alan Snowdon
Age: 21 and quite a bit more
Occupation: Factory Manager
Music: Gothic Rock
Hobby: Cars
Currently own: 1990 K10 1.2 'Suntop' and 2001 Daewoo Tacuma
name: mike forward
age:19(20 in a couple weeks :( )
music: ummm........
occupation: student
hobbies: rugby
cars owned: K11 1.0 currently very standard and boring and a little bit broken but cant decide what to do to it. dont want it to look to boy racery.
Name: Jonezy
Age: 21
Music: Aviicii
Occupation: Panel Beater
Hobbies: MICRAS
Cars Owned: 2 many to be honest
Currently own: 2000 Nissan micra K11
name: Lewis Barker
fave music genre: Hip Hop
favourite hobby: Working out
car owned: Micra k11, 1.3 Si (as of Saturday)
Name: Tim
Location: Holland, on the westcoast. city: Sassenheim
Age: 22
Occupation: excavator driver?
Hobbies: Cars
Current car: Nissan Micra K11 1.3 GX CVT(jan 2012-now)
Previous cars: Nissan Almera N15 1.4S 3 door(nov 2007-jan 2010), Nissan primera P11-144 2.0 sport+ 4 door saloon(jan 2010-jan 2012).


Hi guys

Name: Jamie
Age: 21
Occupation : mechanic / chef
Cars owned: white 1L k11, black super s k11
Like to mod vehicles
Music: anything current with a good beat. Although garage is a all time favourite.
hi name omar just bought a micra as my first car lol so yer....

name: omar jaouane
fave music genre: anything
favourite hobby: pub
car owned: 1ltr micra
hi there young people !
chris :p
age 60
occupation retired "i think"
music heavy metal 70s 80s heavy rock 70s 80s ex "head banger"magnam, deep purple, rainbow,scorpions status quo,
hobby coarse fishing and the internet
car owned K11 automatic 1997 998cc (next week i will owned it )
owned 26 motorcycle and 3 cars too run a 900cc yamaha diversion N reg

Name: Nathan
Cars: '95 k11 hollywood, and Rocky (Retepetsir's old SR)
Past cars: Mini city E, saxo 1.1i, Clubbie 1275 GT, rover 416, rover 420 gsi, saxo 1.1i, Astra Sxi, S13 200SX, 180SX, Citroen xsara
Music: most things, bar country and western!
Hobbies: Airsoft
Occupation: Greenflag Roadside Technician
Hello all

Name: Craig
Age: 20
Car: K12 1.2 urbis
Cars owned: k10 1.0ls
Music: all sorts apart from RnB
Hobbies: Target Shooting and Xbox
Occupation: Welder
Name: Matthew Beaumont
Age: 40 - 41 soon
Music: bit of every thing
Occupation: Parts Land Rover Gaydon
Hobbies: Gaming, driving, drawing model cars reading
Car(s) Owned: 1.0 K11 Micra inspiration, Suzuki SX4 SZ-L
Past Cars Owned Citroen 2CV6, Ford Sierra 1.6l, Fiat Strada mk2 70cl team, Mitsubishi Galant 1.6gl, Nissan Micra K11 1.0 Dot, Ford Capri 2.0 Laser, Vw Golf 1.8gl mk2, Fiat Panda 4x4 Sissley2, Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec, Metro 1.3 Advantage, Ford Fiesta 1.3 encore, Smart Roadster, Vw Polo 1.2 s, Toyota Camry 3.0gx,
MSN: roadstermatt@hotmail@hotmail.com
Facebook: matthew beaumont
Hey MSC :)

Name : David Sneider
Age: 19
Music: Mostly metal/punk , but can go some chart stuff
Occupation : Sound Engineer, Full time Rockstar,
Hobbies: Games, Hanging with friends, Writing Music and Mechanics
Car Owned: 1.0 Micra k11 profile
Past Cars : Vauxhall Tigra 1.4
Name: Amii
Age: 21
Occupation: Student & Display rep
Music: Anything from Bob Marley to Kyuss, Blink 182 to Snoop Doggy Dog!
Hobby: I enjoy photography, most recently been up to the Scottish Borders for the Jim Clark Rally! I also get out a lot for mines hunting, exploring and taking photos. And I like sheep, there's a lot of those around mines!
Car Owned: Just the little 1.0L K11 ;)


to turbo or new lump :/ hmmm
Name: Adam
Age: 19
Occupation: 3rd year apprentice mechanic
Music: Anything
Hobby: I enjoy going out with friends, spending time with Kelly my gf and tinkering with my K11
Car Owned: 1.0l ;) x reg k11
name:chris hardie
occupation:tyre n brake monkey
music:a bit of everything mainly hip hop/rap
hobbies:indoor climbing, car fettling,sleeping
car:w reg k11 micra 1.0l
Name: andy.
Hobbies: target shooting, video games.
Car: k11 1L S.

Picked my micra up last month intending to sell it on for a bigger car later after I crashed my old fiesta.....however I did not count on how good these little cars are.

Its miles better than my old ford bar the acceleration... not buying another ford...would definitely get another micra.

The gf loves it too!

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