about you?

Hi all, now that I've been Micra'd by my mum, it's time to share the pain :laugh:
some things I like: Ska, Old Skool, Blues, living in Brum...
some things I don't: RnB, H8RS, crashing my cars(6 so far as I remember)...
Hi guys,

New to the forum as we have just bought a nice K11 for the wife as her run-around.

Name: Lee
Age: 27
Occupation: Team leader in a distribution company
Music: Anything, except Bieber and all that other rubbish.
Car Owned: K11 1.3 SLX (wifes) - Mazda eunos roadster (mine)

Likes: Cars, technology, cooking, music
Dislikes: Spending money I don't have too!

Look forward to getting to know you all!
Hi my name is paul am selling my wifes micra and it looks like I may have to
replace the cross member so found this place
Name:jack creaven
Occupation:machine spares specialest
Cars:3 top notch autograss k10s, (3rd all ireland 09) (1st in all ireland 2010), 1 immaculate completely standard road going k10 that has big plans, 1 105e ford anglia, 1 pilbeam mp52 hillclimb singleseater, 1 fl06 volvo racetruck
Name : Jane M Scott
Age : 37
Occupation : Secret Govt Agent
Hobbies : Cooking, Cars, Art
Car : Micra K11 S 2000 X Plate Blue
Name: Rob
Age: young'n at just 17 (allthough I feel I should say for thefirst and last time, I'll be 18 by the end of the month :laugh:)
From: Swansea, South wales.
Occupation: Student
Music: Anything mostly electronic stuff. but i cant stand hardtrance / hardcore stuff. also Funk,
Hobby: making noises with my laptop (self whoring at http://www.youtube.com/binary1001011 )
Driving: K11 1.0L in red.

After a nearly a year on the retro rides forums, i've finally made myself a MSC account. well i made myself an account a while ago but never used it. anyway making an effort to keep up appearances now. look forward to getting into the forum, will get a membership eventually. not quite passed my test yet though.
Name: Nadine
Age: 29
From: Bournemouth, Dorset
Occupation: Technical Author
Music: Metal, Industrial - and then Tori Amos
Hobby: Running around after my hubby and westie pup
Driving: X reg (K11) lovely bright red

A little odd, considering my age, but it's my first manual car!
Name: Alex H
Age: 28
Occupation: FLT driver for The Body Shop
Music: Punk, Ska, Metal, Rock,
Hobby: Cars, Planes, Music and film
Car Owned: 1.3 SR
I'm Emily, I drive a K11 1.3L LX and i absolutely adore it!
I need some advice as I plan to buy a body kit for it. The car is green, five doors and is quite old, so I think if I do too much to it, it would look silly! But I wanted to get a boot spoiler and maybe a new front grille. Any ideas! :-D
name: Kyle Sorley
age: 20
from: Glasgow, Scotland
Occupation: Sales assistant
Hobbies: Going out clubbing, Football, Drinking etc
Owns: P reg K11 1.0 Vibe.

Has been re-sprayed in a goldish colour before a bought it but i love it. My first own car as i was insured on my dads saxo furio and c2 furio before. Got loads of questions and pictures so hopefully talk to youz soon ;)
Name: Kyle Sykes
Age: 20
Occupation: Mechanics and Bodywork
Music: Indie, Alternative Rock, bit of dance music.. but none of this techno techno techno techno techno..
Car Owned: micra k10 (998cc of pure power :laugh:) and the smoooooooooth k11

Likes: Tinkering with cars, banger racing, music, singing and dancing
Dislikes: pikey chavs.

Facebook: Kyle Syko Sykes.
Hello everyone!
Name: Ville-Veikko Hirsi
Age: 21 years.
Living: In Helsinki, Finland
Working: Still studying in University of Applied Sciences.
Driving: K10 1.2 L(X) ´92 (and I also have a project K11 1.3i GX ´99)
Pictures about my cars: http://hirsi.hi.fi/kuvat
Name: Steve Cook
Age: 31
Occupation: Foam Converter
Music: D+B, Rockabilly, Bigbeat, The Who, The Animals, good general music
Hobbys: Classic cars, music, rescuing/restoring old tat, making stuff.
Cars Owned: Nissan Micra K11 Tempest, 2X Austin Maxis.
Name: Marty
Age: 27
Occupation: Engineer
Music: Anything really depending on the mood.
Hobbys: MMA, Kickboxing, Running, Watches, My Micra.
Cars Owned: Nissan Micra Si, Mercedes Benz CLK 220.
Evening All.

Name: Azar
Age: 35
Music: Anything good
Hobby: Cars, Football, Movies
Car Owned: 1.0 S Nissan Micra K11(for school runs), BMW 130i(for weekends)
Name: Sam Dickinson
Age: 17
Car Owned: 1994 K11 1.0L
Fav Music: Classic Rock, Pop
Job: Super Tech Guy
Hobby: My Car, Drums, Cycling, General Internet Layabout.
Name: Dan Cammack
Age: 26 (nearly prehistoric)
Job: Brittish Trucker ;-)
Hometown: Thame, Oxfordshire
Cars Owned: Peugeot 306 Xsi, 205 Gti (my toy)
Hi all

Name - Simon
Age - 38 (!!!!)
Location - Northamptonshire
Music - Rock, Old Skool Rave, Dance
Hobbies - Photography, Web Design
Car - K11 Micra 1.3 16V Super S

Kris C

Ex. Club Member
Ooh missed this

Name: Kris
Age: 27
Locaion: Edinburgh
Music: Ha im not posting that on the internet
Job: Senior Nissan HPC parts adviser
Cars: 94 K11 Super S (Elliot's), 90 200sx S13 RB30 Drift car, 06 Range Rover Vouge, 95 Shogun GLS V6, 90 Astra Mk2 SXi
Name: Adam
Age: 21
Occupation: Biomedical Scientist/Activity Instructor/Lifeguard/Barman :p
Music: Everything except uprising and destruktion, I dj DnB and Dubstep/House
Hobbys: Watersports, science and drawing
Cars Owned: Corsa B Club (boo), Corsa B SXI (quieter boo), 04 Fiesta Zetec S (grr), Micra 160SR (yay)


My name is Scott
Site Supporter
I should probably do this.

Name : Scott
Age : 16
Occupation : Student / Pool lifeguard / Beach lifeguard
Music : Rock, Metal, Probably anything other than Dance, rave etc...
Hobbys : Working on cars, swimming, gaming.
Car owned : ze turtle
Name: Jan Jachnik
Age: 22
Music: Anything
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Fixing things (like the car) and wakeboarding.
Cars Owned: '88 K10 LS 1.0
Name: Neil porter
Age: 36
Music: pop,r&b,dance,soul,etc,most types
Occupation: Digger driver quarrys,
Hobbies: Working on cars,caravaning,f1,
Cars Owned: Tuned Mk 1 astra,Cavalier SR,Capri 3.0S,Capri 2.0S,Maestro,Cavalier SRI,Rover 200 VI,Rover 200 IS,Sierra Sapphire,Citroen Xantia,Pug 406.


I WILL be back...
Name - Dan "Shaggy" Croft
Age - 21
Music - Mostly hard trance, electro, drum and bass, and dubstep
Occupation - Parts advisor at Perrys
Hobbies - Modifying my K11 and motorbike, listening to and mixing music, spending time with my girlfriend, collecting random stuff for my car
Current car - Nissan Micra K11 1.0l, facelift (green)
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/#!/dancroft650
MSN - dan_croft650@hotmail.com


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Name - Paul Cook
Age - Old
Music - Punk, Rock, Metal, Nu Metal, Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Indie and anything good really.
Occupation - Van driver
Hobbies - Cars, Motorbikes specifically Harleys though am partial to a nice streetfighter.
Current car - Nissan Micra K11 1.4 Activ, Corsa D limited Edition.
Name - Jan
Age - 24
Music - Punk, Rock, Metal, .......
Occupation - none atm
Hobbies - car racing etc
Current car - Nissan Micra K11 1.3 16V Super S


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Hi All!

Name - Russ
Age - 28
Music - most music but not classical.
Occupation - Despatch Team leader for Warburtons.
Hobbies - Anything involving engines...cars,bikes,4x4's boats...
Current car - Nissan Micra K10 1.0 ls


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Hi Guys!

Name - Tom
Age - 17
Music - Anything, Depends on how i feel
Occupation - Full time student and part time at Tesco's
Hobbies - Working on the car, PS3, Videography and Chillin
Car - 1.0L White 97' K11 3DR


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Hello everyone

Name: Omair
From: Manchester
Car: 1994 K11 Micra, 1.0 cc (soon to be SR powaaa)
Name: Mark Anderson
Occupation: IT Guy for IBM
Age: way to old to post lol
Music: Anything really.
Hobby: Micras, Primera,s
Car Owned: 56plate 1.2 s
MSN: mark1316@hotmail.com

Bought for the Wife but since I will need to fix it I thought I would join this great site
Name - Daniel pegram
Age - 20
Location - milton keynes
Music - r nd b,hardcore,clubland and dubstep
Occupation - push trolleys for sainbruys :/
Hobbies - car ( my micra ) x-box 360
Current car - Nissan Micra K11 1.3 super s
pass cars - nissan micra k11 1.0 pre-facelife
hey everyone 1st time on this site so here goes.
Name; sammie foskett
age; 21
music; anything really with a good beat
occupation; barmaid
hobbies; xbox driving having fun
Cars owned; red micra k11 1.0L 16v twin cam
Facebook; sam foskett
Hi im new here
Name: mark
Hobbies: computers, computer games, cars, bikes type stuff
Current car: 2002 micra s 1.0
Past cars: 1989 citroen ax 1.2, 1994 vauxhall astra 1.4, 1998 ford mondeo lx 1.8, 2000 vauxhall vectra sri 2.0
Hello guys, I have been lurking this forum for a long time now but I finally decided to sign up.

Name: Andreas
Age: 22
Location: Ostrobothnia, Finland
Current micra: 1982 K10 DX with 1,2l MA12S
Name - Josh
Age - 19
Occupation - Railway Engineer
Location - Rotherham and Sheffield
Hobbies - Cars, cars and cars
Current car - Pre facelift k11 micra SR
Previous cars - Mk4 golf, 6n polo, phase 1 saxo vtr