about you?


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little section i decided to pop on to say about yourself.
so tell us about you to get to know each other.

name: kieran bartlett
fave music genre: classic rock
favourite hobby: tricking
car owned: 1.2 super s

this just saves people browsing through each others profile
anything you can add :)


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Name: Curtis Fisher
Occupation: Calibration engineer
Age: 18
Music: Tance, club, d&b, Rnb, hiphop, etc.....
Hobby: Cars, footy, other sports, darg racing, clubbing!
Car Owned: Micra K10 LS red, twin webered micra k10 ls white....modified! :p
MSN: fiscur95@hotmail.co.uk
BEBO: www.bebo.com/fiscur95
Im on facebook, cant be assed to find it though, just look on arnold's lol


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Name: Pete 'MA12' FM
Age: 24
Occupation: Building Surveyor and Part Time Keeper of the Peace
Music: ALMOST anything
Hobby: A little bit of everything, seriously! Well NOT football, other than that anything.
Car Owned: Right now?! Erm a K10 Gold Micra, an 05 Reg Yammy FZ-6N and a 2.2 DTi Vectra Elite
MSN : you'll be lucky@nochance.com
Facebook: Erm you can find my on Arnolds friends list I think.
Bebo: whatbo?

Likes: techy/engineering things
Dislikes: people,


Name: James Harland
Age: 22
Music: All dance, retro 90s, indie, rock, pop, hip hop, anything really!
Occupation: IT Project Consultant: Design websites, fix client's computers, install computers and servers, provide general IT support too
Hobbies: Computing, driving, alcohol (is that a hobby?!) - karaoke usually follows!
Car(s) Owned: 1.4 Nissan Almera Equation, 1.0 Micra Camper Van, 1.3 Micra SR
MSN: james [at] micra.org.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/james.harland
Twitter: http://twitter.com/JamesHhttp://www.myspace.com/james_k11
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/james-msc/

Oh, and cos this thread's quite useful, I've stickied it :)


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Name: Ralph Tyler
Age: 21
Music: anything, i love it all :D
Occupation: pro nerd
Hobbies: making and modding things, anything creative, traveling, my girl ;)
Car(s) Owned: 1.2 micra k10 collette, 1.3 micra k11 Lx, 1.0 micra k11 l, 1.3 micra k11 Gx, 1.0 micra k11 shape, 1.6 micra k11 super s, i think thats all of them....
MSN: NeX_is@hotmail.co.uk


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Name: Robin Foulkes
Age: 22
Occupation: Organic Peace Crisps Taste Tester, nah jus kiddin, Student + part time retail.
Music: Anything thats not tripe, www.myspace.com/remoconsciousrap at the mo.
Interests: Micra, guitar, painting, PS3 and XBOX
Cars Owned: '99 Micra Ally 1.0, currently '52 Micra Twister 1.4 yo.


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Name: Aidan P
Age: 19
Occupation: Police Officer
Music: Punk, Ska, Metal, Rock,
Hobby: Cars, Tattoos,music, Biking, Surfing, Wakeboarding,Skating anything extreme
Car Owned: 1.0l K11 LX
MSN : tibbypik@hotmail.com


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An ickle bit about me.....

Name: Niki
Age: 20
Occupation: Pensions Administrator
Music: Metal, Rock, old skool dance, indie, anything as long as it's not RnB, Rap, or pop.
Hobby: Cars, CKY, movies (especially Horror :love:), internet, urban exploring, drawing, photography, writing, music. Xbox 360
Car Owned: '93 1.0l K11 LX in her beautiful metallic blue!
MSN : niki_flynn13@hotmail.co.uk

And because I love them so....


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Name: kane
Age: 21 and a half
Occupation: Technician at caterham
Music: Everything (apart from Jungle and drum and base) big fan of metal and rock at the moment.
Interests: Cars, Music, cycling, computing and socialising! lol
Cars Owned: 1989 1.0 k10 micra white, 2001 1.0 k11 micra silver, 95 1.0 micra (for a month), 1.2 1989 k10 micra grey.
MSN : wrenchy@hotmail.co.uk
On facebook and bebo........... search!


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Name: Eleanor (Ele) Taylor
Age: 28
Occupation: Flash Actionscript Developer for Tombola (Alderney) Ltd
Music: Anything and everything
Hobby: Cars, Cinema/Film, Photography, Reflexology, Multimedia Design...
Current Vehicle: Micra K11 1.3 Super S
Vehicles Owned: Fiat Cinquecento Classico 900cc, Micra K11 1.0 GX, Rover 1.4 114SLi, Mitsubushi Spacestar 1.6 Equippe, 2 x Micra K12 1.2 S, Honda Civic 2.0 Type-S, Micra K11 1.3 Super S.


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Name: Kevin Challis
Age: 27
Occupation: Web Design / E-Commerce Manager and the MSC lol!
Music: Mainly Dance, pretty open minded
Hobby: Badminton, Cars, Film, Bowling, Pool and a lot more
Vehicles Owned: Modified K10 LS, Modified Corolla SI, Modified Glanza V
website: www.squareonebistro.co.uk


Iggy Iggy oooooooooo
Name: Paddy Marsden
Age: 21 - 22 soon
Music: All dance, retro 90s, indie, rock, pop, hip hop, Pink Floyd Queen etc
Occupation: Divisional IT Administrator, fix client's computers, install computers and servers, provide general IT support
Hobbies: Computing, driving,
Car(s) Owned: 1.0 K11 Micra inspiration, 1.0 Corsa C, Suzuki Ignis Sport 1.5
MSN: paddymarsden@hotmail.com
Facebook: padsta@gmail.com


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Club Member
Name: Mike Ollier
Age: 17
Music: House, Metalcore, anything with a good rhythm
Occupation: Sales Assistant, Martin McColls
Hobbies: Music (drums/guitar/computer stuff), Biking, collecting useless bits of junk.
Car owned: 1L K11 in Black
MSN: mikeyollier@yahoo.co.uk
Facebook: search to find me


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Name: Michael Stanhope
Age: 20
Country From: Scotland
Occupation: Joiner/Carpenter (Apprentice)
Music: Anything
Hobby: Cars, Steph, Drinking, Fixing Things, Work :p
Vehicles Owned: K11 1.0 Shape(red), K11 1.0 Shape(red), K11 1.3 SuperS(green), K11 1.3 SuperS Turbo'd(red), K11 SuperS Turbo'd(green)
Current Vehicle: K11 1.3 SuperS Turbo
MSN: ms4sl_06@hotmail.com
BEBO: http://www.bebo.com/MichaelS_08


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Name: Steve Kitchener
Age: 23 (24 soon! ^^)
Music: Most types, but huge fan of Metal and rock!
Occupation: Drum Teacher.
Hobbies: Playing drums, the car, watching films
Cars Owned: K10 L 1.0L, Technically, I have a '93 K11 too, but it's not running ATM!
Facebook: Use the name above! :)


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Name: Greig Whyte
Age: 20
Country From: Scotland
Occupation: Graphic designer
Music: Lots of stuff, hiphop-blink182-prdogy, i like everythin really.
Hobby: Cars, Graffiti, breakdancing, freeridin. try anything 4 a thrill.
Vehicles Owned: mk2 golf gti, K11 1.0 Shape ,mk 2 astra (8v), 2 crx del sols, one left ( imported transtop ) pride n joy.
Current Vehicle: K11 1.0, soon 2 be a super S ...few weeks. :p/ delsol sIR
BEBO: http://www.bebo.com/gti_forever


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Hi everyone;
Seb from Paris, black 1998 Micra 1.0L 16v, 80 000KM, this is my first car
See you later ;)
Name:adam fowler
musicrap dance anything really
occupationcard factory (amazing)
hobbies:rc cars anyhing with an engine apart from planes ans trains
cars/bikes owned micra 1.0ltr,ty80,ty175,gasgas160,debi senda,
facebookadam mark fowler


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Name: Greig Whyte
Age: 20
Country From: Scotland
Occupation: Graphic design / web design. Lifeguard
Music: Anything really, i listen to it all.
Hobby: Cars, breakdancin, trials ridin and freeridein', go cartin track days, micras. haa
Vehicles Owned: mk2 golf GTI , mk2 astra GTE (track car) K11 1.0 Shape, K11 super s,del sol esi. del sol siR.
Current Vehicle: the shape and the del sol sir
MSN: greig_whyte@hotmail.com
BEBO www.bebo.com/gti_forever


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Name: Shaun D
Age: 21
Occupation: A Caretaker (Hence The Xbox Tag)
Music: Absolutley Anything As Long As I Like It! :D
Hobby: Cars,Tattoos, piercings, Music, Photography
Car Owned: 1.2 K10 Super S
Xbox Tag/MSN : xTh3 CaReTaKeRx / sed5000@live.co.uk


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Name: Alex Saunders
Age: 18
Birthday: 19th October
Location: Hereford, West Midlands, UK
Occupation: Fabricator, Looking for an apprenticeship in CAD.
Music Genres: Dubstep, Hip Hop, DnB, Deathcore, Metal, Dance, Hardcore - Absolutely anything!
Hobbys: Cars, Listening to music, Driving, Socialising.
Cars Owned: Fiesta (mk3) 1.3 Classic, Micra k11 1.0 L, Micra k11 1.3 SR
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675470270
MSN: alex_saunders1234(at)hotmail.com
Xbox live tag: Alexx117


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Name: Keith
Age: 29
Music: r&b and hip hop
Occupation: warehouse personel
Hobby: cycling, games consoles, walking and my car
Car Owned: 97 k11 Nissan micra
Facebook:keith spiers


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name: Will
age:17 (almost 18)
fave music genre: Pretty much anything, Im going through a DnB phase right now though.
favourite hobby: Downhill mountain biking/bmxing/xbox
car owned: Red '91 k10 1.2 GS


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This be me then. ;)

Name: Tosseef Hussain
Age: 24
Music: Drum & Bass, Some Hip Hop & R'n'B.
Hobby: Nissan's (Skylines mostly), Forced Induction and All forms of millitary and civilian aviation.
Car Owned: 1.0L K11 - AJ4 Red.
Facebook: Tosseef Hussain
Occupation: Fiberglass Bodykit Manufacturer
Name: Laurent MOUY
Age: 27
Music: All dance, retro 90s, indie, rock, chiptune, games soundtracks.
Occupation: Vector works, design websites, fix computers, add modchips to game consoles.
Car Owned: 1,0l 16s Micra (StarCup Limited edition)--->totalled / searching actuvely for a new one (aiming 1,3l SuperS/SLX/StarCup ... but actually missed 3 of them ... no luck)
MSN: backyards.gfx [at] gmail [dot] com
Website: http://www.backyardsmx.com

Misc: sorry for my poor english ;)


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Name: Glen Riddler
Age: 20
Country From: Scotland
Occupation: Power Systems Engineer
Music: Anything really, i listen to it all.
Hobby: Cars, Computers, Music, micras.
Vehicles Owned: Micra k11 1.0, BMW 318, pug 206, Micra k11 1.3
Current Vehicle: Nissan Micra SR 1.3 and Nissan Micra 1.6T
MSN: glen_riddler@hotmail.com
BEBO www.bebo.com/glen_riddler
Name: Jason Trevis
Age: 40
Country From: Australia
Occupation: Coal Miner
Music: Anything but RAP!!!!!!!
Hobby: Anything that can be made to go faster
Vehicles Owned:1962 Ej Holden Sedan,1970 Mk11 Cortina,1972 LJ Torana, 1978 XB Utility, 1984 Mitsubishi Starion, 1985 RG250, 1990 Maxda Astina, 1987 Ford Falcon Sedan, 1995 Holden Commodore, Mitsubishi L300 Van, 1982 Suzuki Hatch, 1983 BMW K100,1987 VK Commodore, 1998 Honda Oddysey, 2004 Kia Carnival,2004 Kia Rio, 1976 115 Mercedes Sedan,2007 Buell XB12R,2008 Mazda 2, 2009 Nissan K12 Micra and still counting........
Current Vehicle: K12 1.4 auto, Mazda 2, Kia Carnival, 115 Mercedes(Project Car), BMW K100(Smashed like me.)
Name: Ross
Age: 29
Music: Anything with bass or Oomph
Occupation: IT wanna be geek
Hobbies: Computers, fixing computers and movies
Car owned: 1998 R34 GTT Skyline with a few mods, tyring to drive 1987 Nissan Be-1


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Club Member
Name: Ash Bryant
Age: 20
Occupation: Worked for Mercedes Benz got made redundant,Now a bum LoL Soon to be working at ASDA yay! not lol
Music: Anything thats got a good beat.
Interests: Was Micra,pc gaming,building pc's,collecting retro consoles
Cars Owned: 99 Micra Ally 1.0 now gone :eek:( .
Msn: bash1989@hotmail.co.uk
Facebook: Not sure of it lol

Better late than never i suppose haha
name phil godfrey
age 53
occupation ,designer goldsmith.
music, anything rock, some classic soul and real r&b
hobbies, restoring classic cars, playing bass in a gigging rock band.
cars, 1970 3.5 litre rover p5b saloon, 1969 morris traveller,1993 nissan micra 1.2


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Name: Steve Priest
Age: 19
Music: Most stuff, old rock mainly
Occupation: Engineer (Metal work) not cars! ;)
Hobbies: Cars, making things for cars
MSN: imp124@hotmail.com
Facebook: Name above ;)


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I own a 2001 1.0 K11 this is my second K11, the first went to the great enemy iron oxide. However this one which I have had for two years seems sound in body and mind but has a terrible timing chain rattle upon start up. I bought one on ebay a couple or more years ago intending to fit it (the two chains that is and sprockets tensioners etc) Is it suitable for the engine type with coil packs that were fitted to last K11 engine. Hope someone can advise.
Regards to all jimmydod (asilver haired K11 owner)
the chainkits are the same jimmy :)


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My name is Sue,

Mature, self employed

Hobbys nights out, dancing, entertaining,
Like dance music and motown

Cars i drive 1998 micra march and vw passat

Having problems with roof leaking, got price for new one, £3,750 imported from japan, bit pricey :suspect:
Sorry for getting back to you so late Susan, but I believe if you look around a custom one could be made for about 900! I have that trouble too with mine!
Any pics?
Name: Craig How
Age: 18
Music: Nearly everything, just as likely to find me at a rave as you are at a metal gig :]
Occupation: Optical Advisor
Hobbies: Many Many things, mainly being sociable, organising/attending parties etc.
Cars Owned: '98 Micra GX 1.3i 3 door

Hi my names Rob Peirson. Im brand new to the forum to day. Im 18 and im an apprentice mechanic so i work for penuts!!
I drive a 1.0 k10 which i think is an LS. It has opel manta wheels in white the car is blue. Its been dropped all round 30mm and has a k and n. I am fitting an uprated webber which i cant remember the number of but will post when i remember!! It has a few other bits on it i will post pics later. I will post pics at some point.
I like most sorts of music cos im easy going!! So hi and merry christmas to all!!
Name: Heather
Age: 31
Occupation: Housewife
Music: All sorts except heavy trance, garage and slash metal
Interests: Reading, being with my family
Cars Owned: Micra 1.3 LX

Hello Everyone,
I'm Matt
I'm 17
And I Write Like A 'Tard. :)

I'm Currently At College And I'm Unemployed.
I'm Looking To Buy A 1.0 K11 For Next To Nothing!

Had A Few Cars Already, Had A Honda CRX Which I LOVED, But That Was Rolled In A Field. :(
Also Had A Clio, That I Now Wish I Kept. :(

Oh Well, I'm Pretty Much Smiten With A K11! :)

I'll Be Sticking Around,

Hi Everyone

Name: Richard
Age: 44 (How old???)
Music: Totally eclectic - from Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, to Decemberists, Band of Horses and anything/everything in between
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Hobbies: Vee Dubs (proper ones, aircooled) and cycling.

Just got a Micra K12 04. Got rid of Passat (had for seven years), needed something smaller as daughter is going to be learning to drive soon. Big change for me as I was going to get a 1200 bug but realised the cost of getting/building something good and reliable, I could get the Micra. We shall see how it goes. Only picked it up yesterday.
Name: William Greer
Age: 17
Music: Rock and Metal
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Guitar, Modding my car :), Music ect
Car: 2000reg K11 1.4 SE, metallic blue
Name: john carney
Age: 24
Music: dnb dubstep dance techno jungle garage all sorts mainly
Occupation: temping
Hobbies: having fun cars music
Car: p reg K11 1.0 tropic, greyish blue
Music:R & B
Hobby: Cars, PS3, Basketball
Car Owned:97 Civic Vti, 00 Civic 1.4, 97 Micra 1.0, 07 Yaris 1.3