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Hi all - me in a nutshell:

Was resident electrical guru on some Ford forums, specialising in ECU modification, with similar interest in the Nissan ECU's.

Owned 10 cars in all:

Escort Mk5, 2x Escort Mk6, Fiesta Mk4, Sierra Saffire 2ltr, 2x R33 Skylines, Mondeo Mk3, Astra Mk4, Astra Mk5.

First Escort also being my first engine swap, custom ECU, learning ECU's and mapping.
2nd Escort was 'road rally' spec - or simply put: decent suspension and disks (the engine was my bane, but I got the next Escort instead of dropping a new lump in)
Between the 2nd Escort and the Saff, I was building up a very meticulous 2ltr Zetec turbo, but later sold the lot when I chanced on the Skyline.
Traded that up for better - then got married and made redundant a year after that... goodbye boys toys.

Wife has had 4 cars of her own - last 2 being Micras! The first, now sacrificed as a doner to the 2nd.

And that is why I am here.