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'96 k11 shopping trolley(s) The Martha fix up....

You can get 2 door autostrada
I have 3 of them myself
Black dash and trims
Sport seats with the snow camo type effect paterm

Ya nice day to buy one 🙂

I’m sure you get buyer easily
If comes to parting it out I would love to see how much it would be to get the seats shipped here

For now best of luck with fixing Martha up
Cheers Grans k11 driver :)

Martha is now in fine fettle and about to go up for sale. But before I do a listing I thought i'd do an update here.

She went up on the hoist and I removed all the front bumper/lights/guards etc.

The rust that she had failed her last wof on was all along the bottom of the radiator support - probably the most typical place for NZ k11s to rot.

Cut it all out and let in new steel. Pics explain it easier..

Phew. Done. Gave it a good coating of paint. Then while the guards were off I cut out the rotten corner on one and let in new steel..

While up on the hoist I gave the underside a clean, check over and quick tart up with some of the ever magical CRC Black Zinc 'new car in a can'...

Then the surface rust around the windscreen. It looks like it had been flagged for rust, the previous owner then started cutting away the sealing trim around the screen and gave up. I cleaned it right out, wire brushed it back, painted a POR 15 type inhibiting paint around the full perimeter. More pics..

Then masked the car up and gave it some sparkle with a can of colour paint. It came up fine. Nothing flash but far better than what it was like when we got it plus now solid. There was a dent on the drivers guard, 'fixed' with poorly applied filler. I did my best to tidy it up, feather it in and paint it with the small amount of patience I could muster up and its improved but certainly something that needs more love.

Then this stupid bloody sticker...

Heating it up, very carefully, allowed me to peel the 'JDM scene' off without leaving a trace.

Hannah spent some time tending to the usual little surface rust spots k11s get under the rear boot seal and add some aluminium tape over the holes that we've learned through experience can allow water in..

Se also replaced the brake pads for some almost new items we scored from the wreckers...

We had fitted the spare wheels from Molly but one was worn so a good tyre was sourced and fitted. Then we took her for a wof and she flew through with flying colours. There was a chip in the screen that was noted and we already knew about however it was not in a zone that mattered.

Still, just to be sure, we had our friendly glass man squirt some of his magic goo into the crack while Hannah watched with keen interest...

While he was there he also tended to a tiny chip on Minkys screen.

The wof pass was about a month ago. We've been driving her about and watching for any issues and the only one that I noted was how slow she was to heat up. I suspected a removed thermostat and had mild alarm bells ring however she never used water nor heated up beyond normal. I pulled the thermostat cover off (noting that there was still factory grey sealant present) and happily discovered that there was still one in there, stuck open and looked to be the original Nissan item..albeit very stuffed..

I swapped in a spare we had kept from Molly and it heats up properly now.

She drives really well. Very peppy, seems to be as thrifty on fuel as they should be too. Handles well but very stiff on what seem to be even stiffer springs then whats fitted to Minky. Really fun on the right roads but a little tiring if you're just wanting to cruise A to B. We've taken the squeal free wheels that we'd swapped on, fitted them to Minky and Martha now wears Supercats on the front for maximum squealing delight

So that is that. Took some nice photos of her the other week. We will now list Martha up for sale tonight on Trademe (because its free car listings tonight) and see what sort of interest there is.

With luck the next rather special K11 that we have been told might be heading our way will actually come to be. Quite excited about it but I wont say anything more in case it doesn't happen. If it doesn't then at least I might get more done on the Imp..