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94 Super S Restoration

I'm new to this so I apologise in advance.
I was looking at 1.3 Micras on gumtree and came across a Super S about an hour from home (at the time there was 3 up for sale on gumtree). It looks a little rough around the edges in the photos. Me and Abi went to view the car and was taken for a spin to see what it was like and £350 pound later we were the proud owner of a Super S.


The Good points:
Low-ish miles (57,000)
Strong engine
Sills are rust free and have had no repairs done to them
Bodywork is straight
The interior is tidy
Most of it is original
The Bad points:
Front cross member is abit rusty
Paint is ok in places but the drivers side wing, bonnet and above the drivers door has lacquer peeling off. Most of the painted plastics have faded badly
Engine is in need of a service
Over time the car will be made to look like a Super S should.
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The Paint work on the faded parts were attacked with T-cut and worked surprisingly well.

We had ordered a replacement spoiler to replace the faded one but it turned up damaged during postage.

I started to pull the front end off so I could inspect the crossmember and to see what work was needed to be done to it but got a big surprise when looking underneath :(

After much struggle the drivers side headlight came out and the bumper is off but the driving light will not come out of the bumper just yet.


I've ordered and collected a new front crossmember to fit before its MOT next month.
Me and Abi went to a local scrapyard in search of door handles (one is broken and the other is starting to break) and a glove box lock.
It is currently sat in the back garden whilst I sort the front bumper and I get enough time to change the cross member.
Nice project mate are they original headlights thought the Super S had plastic ones (I could be wrong) but they look glass??

Thanks for sharing and please keep us updated.

Andy :)

It's a micra with a sunroof that hasn't had any welding done on the sills and the only bit of rust is the crossmember but I've got a replacement ready to be fitted
Right it hasn't been updated for a while due other commitments (Picture heavy).

Due to being short on time on due to college and being at Honda for a trial apprentice, I decided I would start on the damaged bumpers to see what could be salvaged from them.


Me and Abi decided as the weather was good to line up our 1.0's next to the Super S.

The front bumper after having filler applied. Its not quite ready as it need a little bit more filler in one area before its ready for painting. The rear bumper is ready for painting.

The time came to get the rotten crossmember off and it didn't look good and it even went through two grinders. :(

New and old part.


The new part fitted and is slowly put back together.

The coolant has been changed as has been run for a while to make sure everything is ok.


The car is currently like this and the next job is Getting it Mot'd and then i will sort the paintwork.


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Its been a while since I have posted on here due to lots of other commitments but good progress has been made :)

I really liked the look of micras with minilite wheels and managed to fine a set cheap and near by. I think they suit the car really well.

Me and Abi attended Japshow at Santa pod and thanks to fellow MSC members we got a grey dashpod and a set of tweeter speaks to go inside.

When I had some spare time I started to respray the rear bumper, it came out ok considering it was only halford aerosol cans and does considerably smarten the appearance of the car.


Work in progress photo.


Poor areas of paintwork that will need some attention to bring it back to its best.






It was time to tackle the front bumper which had a lot of work to be done but the end result was good after all the hard work.


Refitted on the car and looking good.


Work in progress photo.


I decided to modify the sunroof drain pipes so they did not run into the sills and to protect them from rotting out quicker. The pipe comes out in front of the doors and are directed to and opening in the mudflaps.


This how the car is currently, I gave it a good wash and polish and has turned out looking great. It currently needs to be insured and MOT'd and im hoping it will make an appearance at Japfest 2 but will be in a unfinished state.
Its been a long time since I have updated this blog and thought it was about time I did. Back in august the car was almost ready to be used but it needed an MOT. Due to not having access to a ramp I didn't know what the underneath of the car was like. It was taken into work and was MOT'd for me and thankfully it passed with no advisories. A few days later it was taken to japfest 2 in its unfinished state as its being used a daily so have no time to do anything much to it


When the car was at Japfest 2 it attracted a lot of attention which I was surprised about :)

About a week after Japfest 2 , me and abi visited Max and recovered some parts off a sad looking super s :(. We managed to get the electric windows and door cards, door mirrors and some boot struts.

One weekend I got bored and experimented with a spare set of daytime running lights, I think they look pretty good. Also I fitted the mirrors that was recovered from Max's Super s, atleast they are now matching.


Since my first pay from Honda I have ordered new centre caps for my minilites.


Me and abi had an evening photo session with our cars



Abi with a little help from fellow MSC people, surprised me with a late birthday present. Turns out it was some new light clusters for the Super S :)

I have completed the wiring swap and now they just need fitting when I get time to. I'm hoping the cars paintwork will be sorted in time for Japshow finale but I'm not getting my hopes up about it.
After a busy few months I have finally got round to posting an update.

As seen in previous update I had a set of LED rear lights that needed fitting, I finally got round to it and was impressed with the results.



By the middle of September it was booked into the body shop for the beginning of October so that it would be ready for Japshow Finale. The car was booked in for the Monday and was to be finished on the Wednesday but due to other circumstances it got delayed and I was getting worried that it wouldn't be ready before Saturday. Thankfully it was completed on Friday to greet me after returning from my weeks training at Honda and what a transformation :).





I think it was money well spent. The next day was Japshow finale so it was an early start to get to Northampton services for the convoy to santa pod.


The first few cars to turn up on time.


There seemed to be a lot of red micras turning up for the convoy.


Sunday came and Most of the cars turned up and one micra that wasn't the Super s got a huge amount of attention for being unique, but overall it was a good weekend and had fun with all the other MSC people on stand.

Since Japshow Finale the Super S has had a few new parts fitted and some parts that need fitting.
There was some pre face headlight protectors fitted on the sunday morning of Japshow finale.
I had ordered a new genuine throttle body for a decent price, I had also ordered a new centre silencer, fuel filter, drop link and some new rubber exhaust mounts to replace the old ones.
And a Modified Janspeed back box to replace the standard pee shooter back box.



The new throttle body and fuel filter has made a huge difference to the cars performance even a standard 1.3. Just got the exhaust and drop link to replace then the car will be sorted. We also had a visit form other people off MSC.


Almost every job is now completed on the Super S and now its time to think of some other things I can do to improve the car and make it better.
Nice car, I'm happy to see that people restore those Super S cars, they are so cool, I cna't believe they go so cheap in the UK!