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'88 Rolla Gti

Id finally gotten round to fitting better speakers than original in the front of the corolla, hwever at any decent volume i was getting alot of crackle and the it was the speaker cone hitting the speaker grill in front as it sat at an anlg edue to being a heavier and slightly bigger speaker so one ingenious design later led me to this to space it away and it works and it holding up just fine whoop!

A finished shot of the roof after macine poloishing but after a fww weeks its not perfect as some of the filler in the sunroof has sunk and im not happy with it in all fairness but hey how better than rust lol

All this was done and the panic hapened over the windowscreen due to the pending shows over two weekends one being BHP show and Japfest all paid up i didnt want to miss them lol
Static shot from BHP Show

Image of the wheels showing the difference after doing track sessions with one caliper sticking on slightly which made things a bit hot which is all sorted now thankfully!

Heres a few stolen action shots from Lydden Hill track session in which i ook part in two sessions!

Video from each session...

From there we move onto a week later at Japfest at castel coombe great show but i always come away feeling like crap and wind sweptcold and the rain didnt help as i was also worried about going out on whih is a fast track first thing in the morning after a night of rain but the car held it very well and my balls were bigger than expected to be honest!
Picture from the club stand

Got two go pro videos of my track session and no more images as i couldnt find any and didnt take any! Lol

And a rear facing video which picked up sound and a running commentry which is simply hilarious!