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'88 Rolla Gti

as you may have seen ive bought this for £400 from Ed @ Fusion Motorsport, I was able to drive it around the private industrial estate for 10 or so miles and it drives well, just needs lots of love after sitting for 8 years outside!!

so heres the car

running the TVIS engine! with 103000 miles

needs a massivle clean... but today I started looking thoughly over the car!
due to the tyres going flat very quickly and making it hard to move as I need a battery I went about fitting my old micra steel wheels! so it can be easily rolled!

while doing that I thought id remove the side skirts to inspect the cills and was greeted with this!

on both sides!!!!

and rust on the arch

and then at the window

I am going to throughly inspect the car too!

the brakes after sitting for 8 years!

needs new rack gaiters

and I'm not sure if the perished rubber sleeves around the rear shocker will be a massive problems!

thats all for now!

but I am planning on getting it on the road for march time, for a 2 month shake down then bring it back in for almost a full rebuild!

then at some point I plan on getting a second engine and building a high power turbo engine and aiming for a cool 260-300hp which ive been led to is possible!

ill keep this updated
nice one. ive had one of these ae92's and a mate of mine had one. massive rot box's but like all jap stuff really. but such an awesome car apart from that. the 3sgte is a mad swap for these. i had thoughts of a rwd conversion with mine but the fwd chassis on these things is to much fun.
indeed its some welding but with there not being many left on the road and from what ive researched this rust isnt too bad!

and this rust is nothing!

im just going to build up a good 300hp engine etc and the rwd route is one i looked at but too much for me!

maybe another day!
yeah that rust looks something or nothing mate mine was the same. when i stripped it out the back end was properly rotten round the inner arches and seat belt mounts that took some welding (all day job lol) so i think that is a favorite place for rust on them as well. the 20v 4age as a wicked engine to play with if you don't go down the turbo route. but either way i can see it being an awesome blog mate.


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Will finally understands the mantra 'Once you go Jap, you never go back' (Y). I've just had the Japanese for 'Horsepower' tattooed on my right arm :laugh:.
haha nice one guy!

got a little time down at the garage today! started stipping out the rear end for furthur rust hunting, removed the seats and all the trims on the drivers side and nothing, but ill leave it out for now untill its welded up and i can go mad with the waxoyl!

also popped out the rear window too and gave it a clean! and a little bit of rust

and behind the trims i found

still in the celophane

and remember this little bit of rust

well i pulled it all apart and cleaned it a little

not sure how ill tackle that, i may use fibre glass of wait untill i can get my hands on a welder and fill the hole, ill have to wait.... so far ive been removing trims and cleaning it a bit as i dont have water at my garage so i just wipe it down with a damp cloth lol

by this time it was dark...
nice one mate. the bit round the window looks a pig. my mams sunny van was the same i just rubbed it down rust treated it and used filler and you wouldn't be able to tell it was there. 3 years later it was still the same.
what did you treat it with? im thinking clean it up.... red oxide, filler etc and then primer and paint
lol brings back the memories of when i had the micra steels on mine. it was lethal in the wet lol. bad enough in the dry.

i treated it with some rust killer stuff from my local motor factors. it was good stuff. i would normally just chop the rust out but its a funny spot aint it.
bit more of an update with plenty of pics as we all love pics

i stripped out the rear end and the drivers side a little to check it over etc.... found the rust

the rust cleaned up


as i dont have a welder and the screen is still in i wouldnt risk it, so fibreglass added

fibre glass rubbed down

fibreglass rubbed down

filler added

filler rubbed down

primed up

not 100% happy with it but it will do for now :D

rear drivers side window removed found some rust bubbled up

i got some steering rack gaiters and some track rod ends, only had to get the ends as the old ones had to be butchered off and doing it with a dremel isnt fun haha, i need a grinder


hacked off

new fitted

slight issue, i wont bother with it now but doesnt seem quite right to me, after asking the auto factors for power steering gaiters and they offered universal ones so i said yeah
but at full lock with the arm at its shortest

dead ahead

full extension

not sure how long they will last but its better than nothing
how you getting on will? gaiters look a pain :eek: found the rust on mine today lol just seatbelt mounts tho luckily :) tip 15's get lost underneth the arches lol as i found out today. the 40mm's springs tidy them up a bit. dont go any lower than 60 tho.
time for a rather substansial update :D a lot has been done in my opinion!

i had a member of the AE92oc website come down from milton keynes on a very cold Feburary 11th to bring down my new gearbox and to help me fit it!

starting out

the new box in a very fething blue, which is cool because blue is awesome

part of the reason for the old gear box failiure i presume, not even a quarter of a litre came out! i was expecting bits of 4th gear to come out

random image of driveshafts

the cleanest bolts we found! under the car lol

wide shot of the 2 cars

now the gearbox didnt want to let go at all but we finally won, which wore us down alot

the old clutch, which was pretty bad no wonder it slipped

nice shiney new clutch ready for some destruction, its only a cheapo jobby though

new box ready to go on, sadly it gave some issues going on, but we won in the end

by this time it was dark and must have been about -4°C

so they left and i went home for the hottest shower ever!

and the following monday i set back to work to get the annoying rear mount in, which ended up with the engine pulled right forward and lowering the subframe! was a poop to do!

then connected everything up and i was done

simply needs oil and brakes so i can wizz it around the block :D
then i decided it was about time i got this welding done out the way, but down my garage with no leccy or welder was a different matter, id managed to borrow a mig and had swapped my massive generator for a smaller 2Kva unit which leaves more space in the garage (thanks ed)

from the pics before there was alot to do and i didnt feel greatly confident lol, so i set to work

old section cut out on pass side

new section cut out

lined up

and finally welded

it was kinda tricky to get a decent tack from the welder it was rtight down low but as i started it would splatter but when the genny picked up it was fine and i could get a decent weld

a small hole i found while pocking about inside the wheel arch

the rot cut away

new metal finally in

now onto the drivers side

which i appear to be lacking pictures

wheel arch done


and all the old rotten metal cut out

note to all! dont let molten metal fall in your ear! it hurts

and to you welding buffs out there i know its not amaxing but its strong :)
indeed the dot wont be coming off the road untill this has been fully put on the road and its ok, but the micra will recieve some love while its tucked away
righto to follow on from that annoying welding i had the task of the annoying filling etc, trying to make it perfect etc, eventhough its being covered in stone chip and then hidden by the side skirt it didnt matter lol

trial fit of the side skirt over the wleding, at least it fits....

fibreglass applied and rubber down. horrid stuff at the best of times but its there to help strengthen and is much stronger than plain filler

somehow i managed to forget any pictures of the filler, but it didnt take much as id done more with the fibre glass, i used the filler to give me the shape and a nice smooth finish for the primer

masked up the areas and gave a coat of etch primer on the bate metal and then 3 thick coats of normal primer to give a good finish

and done on the drivers side

and because im llame and wanted to get it done no pictures apart from finished of the passenger side, its not the best but i remembered what i said at the begininng so here it is

once the car has T&T ill swing it into my work for the spraying to begin, id rather it done properly for a good colour match for a start!
now time for the brakes, this became such a nightmare, and labour of love but the needs must as i was itching to test the new box and clutch out so here we go

removed all the brakes and cleaned the hubs! not great but removed the cobwebs which i hate lol

the old brake pads from the front, not alot left, wasnt going to reuse them anyway

and a box of manky old brake bits to be cleaned

and a closer shot of the fronts

rears removed and in a very similar state!

and a cleaned and wiped down rear hub!

after about a day of shot blasting in total they were all ready for the damaged rubbers to be replaced and to get a lick of paint!

the front carriers came up first which are in gloss bvlack

coat of etch

coat of primer

2-3 coats of black depending if i remembered

the front calipers were rebuilt sadly no pics but its boring anyway
and a coat of gloss silver

and the finished product ready for assembly

and assembled waiting to go on the car

and finally fitted, and looking clean and shiny

and now the rears not many pics again as it was very much the same process of painting and replace the damaged rubbers

rear callipers fitted

you may ask why ive resued the disks, its because they had plenty of life left, and i didnt want to spend out for new ones just now as they wont be oin there long untill something better went on

p.s. i know the rear calipers in them pics are upside down!

and the handbrake leaves alot to be desired

hope this isnt boring too many of you guys!
a little bit of under bonnet bling

started off looking like this

then found the part and painted it AJ4 nissan red same as my micra :)

and fitted tidies it up a treat i think
well today i managed to finish off the timing belt change, which is lucky because i found the tensioner had seized solid so it wouldnt have lasted too long!!

aux belts changed too....

all wipers changed too....

all thats left is some plates, wheels and mot etc :D:D:D

oh annd some pain on the primer lol
haha thanks for the pic dude! shows its history a little more, dont worry james its virtually ready for the road :)
righto another update before another and the moment of truth the MOT

i had to face my fear of the timing belt which went swimmingly

luckily i had bought a full timing belt kit as the tensioner had seized

and replaced the other belts as they were nackered

with this out the way i moved onto the wheels to get them done before this thursday for the MOT

what i had to contend with

the process i used to get them up good was very long and tiresome, it involved sanding down the main face of the wheel till smooth then used a flap disk on the edge to remove all the curbing marks which i later went over with the da, then the tricky bits i shot blasted and gave a light sanding.

then a coat of etch

same wheel just showing the neatened rim

now with three very very generous coats of primer

after spending till about 2am flatting them i took them into work the next day to get them painted

this is the worst of the wheels as it was badly damaged but im happy with how it came out

first coat of paint, dont ask the colour, as its a few mixed together off the shelf of the used paint thats left over came out sweet id say

then the laqure

they were then left to sit for a couple of days before i fitted them with tires, at my local garage where its booked in for its MOT on thursday... £20 for using their equipment and disposal of old tires, and ready for the car

thats the progress till now but there is more, the wheels fitted and ready for its \MOT on thursday

also abit of whoring (shame the micra had a puncture)

a cool pic me thinks

all thats left before the MOT on thursday is make up a battery clamp

but its all ready!

yes and it failed, bandbrake efficiency was crap, the brakes need working in but i cant legally drive it anywhere to do so

and the PAS rack is piddling fluid everywhere....


yes and it failed, bandbrake efficiency was crap, the brakes need working in but i cant legally drive it anywhere to do so

and the PAS rack is piddling fluid everywhere....
That sucks :( Can't you pre-book the MOT, then you can just do some serious brake wearing in on the way to the MOT!
it was prebooked, but i didnt thrash the brakes enough on the way there lol... i have 2 weeks to sort it and get it in for a free retest :)
MOT passed today after it initially failed on the handbrake efficiency :)

simply trucked it from my work (bodyshop) to my other work a good few miles away and drove it around the area a fair bit and then drove all the way back to the mot station :), then back again for some work to be done next week....

its going to get a dyno run and tweeking of the ignition timing, alarm and imobiliser fitted and sorting of a few niggles like random stalling, before it goes back to my garage for the areas of repair to be prepped for painting.... sadly I had left it at the bodyshop to get these areas painted and nothing was done

also I had an advisory on a leaky steering rack, which it leaked alot and has now lost all its fluid so I removed the belt and after driving it today figured I don't need PAS at least untill I get big fat wheels :D

sorry for the wordy update but its an update :D
its mainly just the rack i need as the pump works fine as far as i can tell!

just a little update though its been sat at work and while it can be fitted in for an alarm system to be fitted which may be this week!

but in the mean time it has had two disappointing dyno runs, the first run made roughly 65hp at the wheels due to some mad misfire

went back and had a look only to discover the timing was well out and it when running advance it was falling off the end, once sorted went to the dyno again where i managed to increase the power by a third to 87bhp, but same again a misfire at 4500rpm at full throttle which is annoying due to it not showing at all on the road, so im going to test all the sensors, check for any fault codes and check over the ignition system once again.

hopefully it will work and the V5 came through so it can now be taxed ready for some hard road abuse to get it into line :)

update with pics soon im sure (i hope i never remember these things)

despite these issues im not going to let it get me down specially after ive put in all this hard work to get it to where it is now!
righto time for a pictorial update of my progress.... these are old as i havent done much since as its just sat about

cleaned up while id removed the seats and over heated the hoover 4-5 times :)


and then all back together :) looking fine

and then made a battery clamp from a top plate from an old rad from work

its having an alarm fitted this week and im about to tax it :D

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:O ive only just discovered this thread and wow you've done so much mate. The car is looking so much better and what a lovely job on the wheels. Keep uo the good work man!
well lets see whats been going on in the world of will and his corolla

not alot only really
- its taxed and tested
- its insured
- alarm/imobiliser fitted
- areas are painted
- its all back together baring side skirts as i need new bolts
- and im driving it wehey!

now all i need to sort out so im happy for now is....
- slightly sticking throttle
- piss poor fuel economy
- full detail
- and the 1500rpm idle speed

few pics of progress....

upon removal of the radio for access to alarm found the wires wrapped in tin foil...
no joke

and also found it funny that when we cut all the wires for the old alarm system the car still worked fine lol

and some pics from the bodyshop....

its not great and i dont feel like im enjoying the car yet but im sure i will when its working....


Should go for a full respray while your there. lol
Why have i missed this until now!
You have pulled off an amazing feat in my eyes. Hats off to you Sir. :)
oops long time since i updated this.... its been put back together, covered 2k with only a few niggles such as....

strange happenings with the throttle
fixed the heating (nice and toasty)
squeaky brakes
exhasut blow

other than that its been good as gold, while fitting the alarm where id removed the old ultrasonic sensors there were holes smack bang in the middle of the A-pillar which were annoying so i used them holes and fitted tweeters over them.... ive fitted a SUB and amp which sounds awesome when its decent kit.... fitted my Alpine out the micra which led to me loosing all light just before japfest :( but fixed them by 4.30am :)

i washed the car the other day and while it was dirty and at my garage i pulled out the micra for a wee photoshoot while there both dirty :)

then washed and waxed the corolla and then some more photos :)

by all means its not perfect.... the paintwork is all chipped and faded, it will get a respray at some point but ill go over it with the mop in more detail soon