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Hi, first time posting on here. My son has a Micra N Sport 69 plate. He got it at the beginning of Sept, and absolutely loves the car, as do I. On Tues evening when he came home from work, he said the gears seemed very awkward when trying to change up or down. I drove the car a few hours and it was a lot harder to get it into gear. Fast forward to yesterday morning, and he couldn’t get it into reverse to get off the drive, so had to push it off to get my car out, and then the Micra was recovered. However when the RAC guy came out, he tried to get it in 1st etc, and it wouldn’t at first, but then he pumped the clutch pedal a few times and it went in. So he seemed to think there was air in the system or the slave cylinder was faulty. Anyway it was taken to the local dealership where we bought it from to be looked at. Contacted them today to see how things were and was told that the clutch fluid was black, which means it has been getting hot, which means that the clutch has been slipping. He then said the clutches are not covered under warranty because they are a serviceable item. He said they to find out if the clutch has been slipping they would need to take it apart, but if after doing that it does show signs of wear etc, it would not be covered under warranty, unless there is a defect in a part, therefore I would have to pay for it. I’ve done some research on Google and apparently clutch fluid turning black is very common, and doesn’t necessarily mean that the clutch is faulty. So please can someone advise me what they would do. I don’t have the money free to spend on a new clutch, and Nissan have said that until they investigate it further, (take it apart) they won’t know whether it’s the way it’s been driven or a fault/defect, so can’t say whether it would be warranty or not. Help 😔
I don't think that there is any way to help you with this.
If the car is new, then the clutch must be treated with care, or it will overheat.
The N sport has a lot of torque and that can kill a clutch if used harshly, especially if the clutch is new.
Quote; “He then said the clutches are not covered under warranty because they are a serviceable item”

BS it’s a new or nearly new car !!

Do your own research on UK Defective Cars Consumer Protection Law & reject a defective car & demand a full refund or give them up to two/ three chances to fix it free of charge after which you can take them to the Small Claims County Court for full refunds & compensation. The BS warranty unfair contract terms is irrelevant.

Be polite & document all communications in writing to create a legally enforceable documented audit trail of all comms.

Disregard & do not be fobbed with any verbal brush off undocumented comms from them. They know how to play & until you do your Sale Of Goods Acts UK consumer protection laws research, you do not know how to play their game.

The following references give you a heads up start..

References 1) https://www.google.com/search?clien...ars+consumer+protection+Sale+of+goods+Acts+uk

2) https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&sxsrf=ACYBGNSSHNEmNO623RDOg0pm10yJpzHdeA%3A1576871772338&ei=XCf9XZONFJnmgAb2pIegAw&q=Honest+John.co.uk%2F+How+to+Reject+Defective+Cars+consumer+protection+Sale+of+goods+Acts+uk&oq=Honest+John.co.uk%2F+How+to+Reject+Defective+Cars+consumer+protection+2) Sale+of+goods+Acts+uk&gs_l=psy-ab.12...14662.60027..63321...0.2..0.111.1647.22j2......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71.OWgqMvzYH_s&ved=0ahUKEwiTq-KOgcXmAhUZM8AKHXbSATQQ4dUDCAo

3) https://www.micra.org.uk/search/357474/?q=Consumer+%5Cprotection+law&c[users]=plmval&o=relevance

Template County Court Claims letters are available & less then £10K claim court fees costs about £250 approx.

As always DYOR.

Good luck
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