6 Speed gearbox


Has any one fitted a 6 speed gearbox to the 1.5 diesel? I am considering grafting one on to my Micra to lower to revs on high speed cruising and wondered if this has been attempted before?o_O
This thread is a few weeks old, just spotted it, I would love to have a 6 speed box in my 1.4 Sport and when I had the 160 SR I thought it was crying out for a 6 speed. Regarding the diesel K9K engine you have which was also fitted to the MK2 and 3 Clio's so if any of those had a 6 speed box then that may be possible without too much drama.
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yes that's right the Clio sports diesel had a 6 speeder I have checked the specs and seems to look ok, and its what I think is needed, but need to cut rev range down for motorway cruising, i think it would be a good concept and wondered if any out there had attempted the fit?:unsure: