35mm lowering and 13-15" wheels, looking for pictures and some info

I am planning to buy some -35mm lowering springs for my K11 non facelift. I would like to visually see exactly what -35mm looks like from stock K11. I think I'll get banded steelies for mine but not sure whether to get 13 or 14 inches with that -35mm.

So, what do you think would be a best fit? Tire and rim size wise. I'd prefer not rolling my fenders but if it takes some rolling, it's ok. I do like the look of rolled fenders with wide wheels but I'd like to keep the car as stock as possible because I want to change to 1.3 when I can.

I want minimal gap but with only 35mm lowering from stock, I don't know if it's realistic. I just think pretty much any gap looks quite bad with banded steelies. If anyone has a picture + stats of the wheels from offset, width and everything else important, I'd appreciate them because they're going to be custom made.

Also, there aren't any differences in 1.0 / 1.3 springs etc are there? Some shops sell some springs that "fit" 1.0 and some 1.3 by their description which I find a bit confusing.