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Right my fellow scots and others who arent so good. Whats the plans for meets this year? Can we get a lis of members who would be interested in meets and i will start to orginise things.

Lol, was just thinking its kinda in the middle of everyone Dundee Edinburgh and Glasgow.

@EnterScott why you have to live so far away?
Why thank you, im just not willing to pay £60 for the day out. Find babysitters, have a handful of runs in the mid 16's

Worth it when im doing 11's and ill be MEOWING YOU ;)
Haha aye fair enough, I wanna race ya when you get the SR20 running, just for the banter ;)
Nahh, taking it too seriously if you think that haha

your always going to get lauged at in a micra so go with it.

Its great until you turn up like @Stani1029 and everyones face drops at the speed as you beat a DC2 Type R