2013 Meet - 01/03/13


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I cant make it, no money at all. All because i was ill for 2 weeks! Unless somehow i get a good wage but i doubt that
I won't be able to make the 1st if it's definitely then :( been roped into helping a friend move house!

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Just joined and been reading all about you folks I got a cracker for you

I live in Aberdeen
Micra 1.0
Mileage 17,500
I love it
Got yourself a little gem there then ;)

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Yes called it Chitty it has never let me down to start all you do is press the excelerator once from out side and turn the key fires up first time every time irrespective of weather or how long it lies:):)
Just a reminder theres a rather large meet (its first one back so who knows) in stirling tonight if anyone fancies a trip out on a boring sunday night :L
See how much petrol i use tonight, but so far theres about 200 people responded to the event, so i think there be about 100 or so cars should be good and hopefully get the scene returning to stirling :)
Tbh ive paid for it and not heard much about it yet haha :p im on with Chasing 7 a local car group, you?

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im the same, i only know about it being moved cause of facebook :p but yeah basically every car will be inside now!

Im on with Cruise Irvine my towns 'car club' so to speak haha
Yeah im only hearing stuff on facebook too :p and it should be so much better inside, dont need to worry about the s***te scottish weather

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Yip :D just hoping its sunny before it so we can get the cleaning done and out the way :)

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I know man, itll be an early rise for this show :D got a few things i want done before it comes so heres hoping of got the money for it all :p
Haha yeah, I went last year and had to leave at like 6 :( im guessing it will be the same this year, its all worth it! What else you planning to do for it? :)

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aw sucks man :( Yeah thats true should be a good day! got planned - more lows, 'retro style' wing mirrors bolted onto the wings, chequered roof (maybe), if I can find somewhere in scotland that does flocking i want to get my dash flocked too! and the rest is pretty much tidying it up like arch rust and respraying grille! :)
Good luck, itll look good once its done! :D ive never heard of anywhere in scotland that does flocking so im guessing sending it down to england is your only option :( looking forward to seeing it :)

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Banzai on the 5th of May up at Crail could be a good place to have a little meet? Micra vs Micra up the strip just for laughs :p (well for me itll be for a laugh seen as I know itll be slow)

Anyone up for it? :)
Definitely wont be my micra youll be losing to stani thats a definite haha :p

I reckon Ill end up just for show too as much i want to go on the strip jst for a bit of banter I doubt I will :p

would be good to get a bunch of micras parked up together!

btw, Is this thing hosted by Banzai magazine or is it just been named Banzai?
What... lows? might give you a better launch, but IIDSSMS im pretty slick with the gear changes ;)

1.0l for me, yous a 1.0l too scott? :p