2007 k12 engine management light

the engine management light has just come on Should I panic? I recently posted a thread concerning the lack of a pipe for the air intake when I bought it, could this be the reason for the light?
i know it’s a different subject but while I’m here the immobiliser (Red car with a key on it) light comes on a few minutes into every journey and stays on till it’s parked! I have put a new battery in the key so can’t be that
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You may want to try this.
How to reset all ecu's and control modules
Look that up on YouTube..
Its something like disconnect the negative of the battery Then with a jump cable join the negative to the positive cable.
Leave till it clears for 10-15 mins.
Then when you reset you may have to relearn idle settings etc..
Follow the guide and ignore the parts that don't match with your vehicle I would imagine this will clear them.
Can't guarantee it will but its one method.

(This may also be of use to User_Froggy)

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The first thing you need to do is get a code reader plugged in and find the code that is causing the EML. The one I use only cost me about a tenner on eBay....
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Well THIS suggests P1610 is a key fault.... As does P1611...... P0134 suggests a communication problem between the O2 sensor and the PCM/ECM and P1706 is a suggestion to an error with the neutral/reverse switch operation......
The last two are sort of pointing to a communication error to the ECM, so that makes it likely that the key problem is the same, key OK but not communicating with the ECM as well?
My first port of call would be to check the multi pin connectors to the ECM/BCM units, unplugging them, checking for obvious signs of corrosion, then spraying all the contacts with contact cleaner, prior to plugging back in...
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Had a friend plug his dodar in to the dash, deleted historical codes ran it till the dash lit up again plugged in and came back with fault code P1706 now, I’ve deduced that this could be a faulty park/neutral sensor/switch on the gearbox housing. What’s it look like? Where can I get one? And how easy is the job?
Advice greatly appreciated
Just to add to this the engine seems to be over compensating for something causing it to idle too high as well if that helps diagnosis
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