2005 k12 automatic help / advice if possible ...šŸ˜Š

Hiya i just bought a 2005 1.2s automatic for my wife, could i ask for a bit of help?
It didnt come with an owners manual is there an online .pdf available?
The front single sweep " quick wash/wipe" doesnt seem to work, it jets washer fluid but the arms dont move , is this a relay issue?
And when you select drive or reverse it " jolts" then settles , is this normal ? Its our first auto ...
And finally hoe to you set the flipping clock !! ? šŸ¤£šŸ¤£
Any help on the above greatlly appreciated
Theres no owners manual online no, although there is the garage manual - not really what youre looking for. Best bet is to do what I did, go on ebay and buy an owners manual, and also get a haynes manual while youre at it. For the clock, if you mean the one in the middle of the speedo cluster, there are two buttons, one to reset trip meter, one for the clock. Hold the clock one in, wait for the hours to flash. Press the button to make the hours go up. Once youve set the hours, wait, and then the minutes should start blinking after maybe 5 seconds. Press the button again to count the minutes up, then let go for 5 seconds again
And with the washers, try setting the wipers onto auto first, and see if it works then - it probably should anyway even with it 'off' but if its a workaround, may as well use it