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2005 160SR 3dr

I guess since this is what all the cool kids do, I'll start a thread here for mine. Can't say it'll be too interesting mind.

Was looking through Autotrader while at a Harvester, <£1250 and local (I do this a fair bit), and up comes a little 3 door red Micra with RARE in the title and 1.6 / 108hp in the stats. I check the insurance for it, and its mega cheap - halfway between an Aygo and something more sensible like a diesel Fiesta/Polo/Corsa, but with 50% more power and 40% less 0-60. Go over to check the car out the next day, at which point I realised I hadn't even looked at the MOT history yet, but it turned out just on my limit
of acceptable (although that might be a bit flexible). Got a quick go as a passenger since I'd never driven properly on road at this point, and it was great. Pulled quite well, went around roundabouts far too fast for its own good, and sounded not too terrible with the cherrybomb on it.

A couple days later, and all the paperwork was sent off and the car on the drive.

I guess I'll add more stuff to this as time goes on, but I'll work out what to put first.