2005 1.2 S EPS failure

Hi all,

Recently my girlfriends 1.2s has had a power steering failure. It started with the power steering failing once but worked for 3 weeks and since has completely failed. I am looking at the job and price of a replacement EPS steering column and I reckon I can install it. The issue I have is that from reading the EPS communicates with the ECU and will need to be reprogrammed. Is this true and if so what will be needed for the job?

Alongside that the power windows are flakey in that the connections seem bad, the PS window works from the PS but from the other side is flakey. The DS barely works at all but if I give the door plastics a hard nudge and a wiggle itll work but the window will work very slowley. Im assuming this is a mix of a connection issue combined with the regulators dying. We actually have a replacement regulator on hand but she will only let a mechanic work on her car but is not willing to pay to get it fixed so all of the above repairs will have to be a surpise job.

Shes working in a care home about 10 miles from her house and is struggling with the lack of power steering despite her saying its fine but you can tell. Ive recently been made redundant but I have enough for the replacement EPS column and £100 spare for anything to get it in there properly. Luckily ive suddenly found myself with plenty of time to sort this out so I was hoping I could get some advice on what needs doing.


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I can help with EPS, where are you located? Being close to Birmingham definitely helps😂