2003 1.0 E only 45mpg? & Poor/slow Throttle response

Hi all,

This is my first post, however my other half has a 2003 K12 1.0E on 81k. Since She has owned it it has had a few issues which I'm now not sure are right. Firstly the throttle response seems poor, I know it's a 998cc so I'm not expecting miracles! but I can almost quickly jab the throttle pedal and the drivebywire system doesn't seem to react.

Also it has always had an issue that you cannot restart it easily if engine has not been allowed to warm up (which now makes moving our cars on the drive an issue) if this happens you have to have the throttle half open constantly cranking the engine and eventually each cyclinder will pickup (obviously overfuelling on cold start).

Also recently I've been keeping tabs on mpg, and it only manages 45mpg we've moved house and now she does a 20m commute on dual carridgeway 50-70mph (normally 60 in traffic) this seems a little poor for a 1.0, and my sister has a k11 1.0 and this feels soo much perkier, and regularly does better than 50mpg.

I'm a VAG person so I don't usually dabble in Jap cars, I have a USB obd2 and VCDS will the compatibilty setting work? Is there software I can use with my cable to do a check?

Also Any advice how I can pin point a potential issue with say a MAF, MAP, O2, TPS sensors etc (depeding which it has).

Any advice appreciated, as I say I'm not gen'd up on micras, my forte is 90's VAG diesels (own a 1998 A6 1.9 TDI, 1997 A4 Avant 1.9TDi Q, and a mk1 Golf Clipper (1.8 carb).

Thanks in advance, Jack
I had a similar issue that I fixed just this morning - take out the fuel pump/sender/filter/regulator from under the rear seat, attach an old electric fuel pump to the fuel delivery outlet on the assembly, remove the clip that holds in the metal regulator then take out the regulator. Immerse the old pump into fuel/fuelsystem cleaner and tun it on. Watch as all the #### gathered from "clean" pump fuel gets backflushed from the in tank filter, which by the way is sold in Australia as a complete assembly for only $775.00!!!!
it's not bad, but I remember getting 50+ out of my old 1.0 AX. However, thats built like a fag packet!

I've heard if it wasn't for cats you could get much better fuel economy, like the old lean burn engines...