2002 k11 won't start ? Just clicking noise

Hi all, I've got a 1L 2002 micra k11. The car has been driving fine but a few days ago when I came to start it it wouldn't Fire up. The engine didn't even crank over it just made a "clicking noise". I did a battery test and found the battery was poor so I replaced it with a new one. Went to fire it up and still no cranking just heard this clicking noise. I then replaced the starter motor because I thought it could be the only other reason it wasn't starting but nope, still refuses to start. I've checked all the fuses to make sure it wasn't anything daft; all ok. I checked and cleaned the earth point for the battery and numerous other earth points.

Has anyone got any idea what could be preventing it from starting because I'm running out of ideas. It must be an electrical fault but can't think what. When ignition is on all my dash lights work fine and stereo. When the key is turned/held to the crank position it literally clicks once and that's it.

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If the stereo's working, the only thing I could think of would be some sort of connection problem to the starter...you might need to stick a multimeter on it and find out where the naughty wires are...


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Had a similar problem with a K11 many years ago. Turned out to be the ignition switch. Local mechanic took out the part from a scrapped K11 ignition barrel and hey presto, all was well again.
I had a very similar problem. Turned out to be a bulb that i'd fitted upside down in the taillight. Took it to a garage, replaced battery and was flat within a week. The malfunction also resulted in my headlights flashing every time I hit the brake pedal! This gave a fun game to play on my journeys home, trying not to hit the brakes as much as I can...Took bulb out. All was well.