1999 1.0l 16v Inspiration - reliable but bit sad!

Welcome to my 1999 Micra (k11) 1.0l 16v Inspiration. Due to purchase of a 2001 1.0l S coil pack motor version Old Red has to go!

Car has just under 156,700 miles at the moment but is in use.

Starts first flick of the key and engine and gearbox drives well. I’ve changed the engine oil and filter regularly, and the last change was at 155,000 miles. New plugs were fitted 153,000 miles with new HT leads.

There is welding underneath (sills) that will almost certainly need attention for an MOT, the current one expires on 19th August 2016.

For a 17 year old car it’s done well! Perhaps suitable for a project or spares/repair if not put straight back on the road.

Two keys (one genuine Nissan), V5, some past MOT certificates. No service history and no owners book – neither were supplied to me when I bought it.

The good bits:
Good engine, starts perfectly, pulls well, runs well, smooth, no oil loss or leaks
Front cross member was replaced just prior to my purchase
Alternator and PAS belts replaced 12-months ago
All electrics work ok
Good brakes, stops straight
Handbrake is good, best one I’ve ever had on any car
Heater controls have been stripped and lubed so move smoothly (no clicking)
Glass sunroof that does not leak
Not cuts or burns in the seats
Later rear wiper (parks horizontal, not vertically)
Rear wash-wipe works fine

Bad bits include:
Sills which have been repaired in the past but may still require additional work for the next MOT
Rattly exhaust but not MOT failure, loose baffle in the first silencer I suspect, not the CAT by the
manifold - Emissions were fine at last MOT.
Interior is a bit grubby from previous owner having a big dog not not real bad and not ripped
Damage to the passenger door (see pictures) - step daughter borrowed it! Honest!!
Some general dings in body/doors from super-market door knocks and so on
Circular crack in windscreen on passenger side (see pictures)

Any questions please ask - a sensible offer around £150 secures! Buyer to remove from my address before MOT expires!


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