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1998 k11 micra slow build

Hi all thought I would start a blog for my wee project to keep up with my progress iv got three different lists on two different phones and a note book so iv decided to keep all my progress here
So about me .. iv been on this forum for easily 7 years but not been very active iv had a view micras by now and a good few ideas
me and two other friends all have k11s so its all in good fun iv swapped my old 1.3 engine into one of my friends cars and my other friend just got a rotten sr for parts so iv been left in the 1.0 crew haha
im pretty confident I can keep up/chase with a good few days/months tinkering so any ideas or suggestions are welcome hehe

and finally the car when I got it I just used it daily for this and that not wanting to put to much effort into the car till I had its mot sheet aaaaand it failed haha but not that bad so looks like its a keeper it failed on headlights a cv boot and a bit of rust in the driver side rear arch so not bad at all
im in no rush to put it back on the road just now either so I have alittle tinker time

so this is the car when I first got it sorry for the rubbish pics they do get better :) received_2215021835221658.jpeg

that's a pic from the for sale post

and that was it finally in my possession and this is how it has stayed up until it failed
so the tinkering began

so to begin with Ill go through what iv already done so far with pics to follow in time :)
so first was the preface swap having had a couple micras id saved a few bits and was only really needing wings but I put my front end up for swaps or sale and just by chance someone had a full preface front for swaps
so this is before
DSC_0061 (1).JPG
DSC_0062 (1).JPG
DSC_0063 (1).JPG
DSC_0064 (1).JPG

so the bits I had saved were front and back bumpers bonnet ect in red but always preferred the base model black but this is after my rear bumper was fitted
DSC_0056 (1).JPG

and it was about this time I put the front up and got a full swap :D

so off with the newer and on with the old tehe black bumpers :D:D:D


so that was the front end just loosely bolted in place iv had it back off to properly wire in the headlights still need to have a proper effort at the panel gaps though also the rear bumper came with the swap too as a little extra bonus it had these :D

oem mud flaps I have a little obsession with trying to find the little oem extras/differences haha is it sad that I cant wait to take these off to refurb them :D haha

so this is how shes looking now I do have a few more updates too but its getting late so ill leave it for something to do tomorrow night :D thanks for looking
I think a little explanation into my plans/vison might help me out a little if anyone has ideas or little bits iv missed or so on but I don't need a car for work as they give me a van and my girl has her own car so this is now a little hobby to get my little 1.0 to keep up with 1.3s haha it will have a 1.3 at some point but I want to focus on the rust, suspension and wheels first mainly but a few little engine bits here and there but ill put up what iv done so far so youll maybe understand my thoughts :/

done so far
: 12v lighter connection fitted
: cd player fitted original was broken
: front wiper blades replaced
: type r gear knob
: rear parcel shelf speakers
: air box modded and new filter

: gapped bosh super 4s
:pre face swap

weight removed
: all rear wiper things upto the bottle motor changed to single action
: spare wheel and tools ect
:eek:h sh#t handle
: sun visor mirror and srs sticker
: car mats
: rear bench bracket
: middle seat belt
: x1 horn
: carbon canister delete

any advice welcome :) thanks
hey matt thanks for the interest and im trying to keep it looking as standard as possible so I could save some weight there but I would need to put them back in ect ill have some updates and more pics of the car tonight iv tigersealed all the spare engine mounts I had so going to get them all fitted today :D
so a little update fitting the engine mounts went fine didn't get much pics though :( i also painted the part that holds the rear gearbox mount sorry im not sure what its called

this part :p haha

and this is the engine mount side not much to look at I know lol
also managed to grab a pic of the modded air box

its not much but it was free lol ill try and get an induction at some point kind of similar as the one I made for my last micra

its an ebay bend £12 I think. the pipe is a aem pipe for a civic cut down to fit that was donated by a friend so that was free :D and the filter was a halfords ex display I got for £5 because it had a dent in the cage stripped it down popped the dent out ……. good as new :) so all very cheap and cheerful :D
sorry for the bucket of randomness on this post its more of a micra life blog haha just micra activity really but not progress.haha anyway iv looked out my old wheels and started cleaning them up ready for alittle respray before tyres but ill update my progress on them as I go there 14" by 5.5 or 6 I cant remember at the moment but there black racing quite light and all true :D

this pic is the crew minus my car :( the green one has a 1.3 engine in from my old auto and the other is getting the engine out of the super s so ill definitely have some tinkering to do to keep up haha

also managed to get a set of polo 6n2 front coilovers to start modifying to fit and I think ill go down the saab rear shock route not quite sure what rear springs yet but I have time hehe

not much progress on my micra iv put the number plate on but iv not taken a pic of that :(

sorry for these pics but its my old micra that I wish I never sold. id rather theyd be here so I can see them from time to time haha
I cleaned it to within an inch of its life it was on modded corsa b coilovers and a janspeed full system but the 421 was £15 from gumtree so thought worth a go bodge welded the cracks and holes with a halfords welder it way OKAY at best tho but for the price it was worth it so had fun in it for a while before deciding it needed wheels enter the 14" banded steelies in the last pic but they were from vw land and the centerbore wasn't fitting so I just got deflated with it and sold it to my friend for £125 just to be done with it and he said he wanted to strip it for the good parts but he ended up selling it the way it was :( but any sorry for the post with no updates but felt like alittle vent haha

thanks again and thank you for reading. any questions please ask tips and ideas are welcome to :D


I've ruined my car 🙁
I used to have a set of those black racing wheels myself, did a refurb in a gunmetal grey which I thought really did them justice. Cool car, keep updates coming

Sent from my LG K11+ (yes I did buy the phone specifically to have a K11 phone, I'm that sad)
hey liam thanks for the idea but yea that's my plan either gun metal or bronze but undecided so far haha

I do have some updates but no actual progress im afraid iv collected ma couple bits for tinkering and my cv gaitors coming tomorrow so its only the rust to sort out after that for the mot but any way heres what iv managed to get

an early pre nats grill well I actually had this already but I went to halfords today for a soldering iron to push on with making a diy Nismo style one. this s how far iv got so far its no much thought haha

so ill take my time with this but its my 3rd attempted so I kiiind of know what im doing with it haha time will tell any way and iv also got a hold of this

its just the filler cap but its obviously not got the key entry its supposed to be the pull type but im thinking of putting a small magnet in the filler hole bit to hold it but some how open it from the outside ? any ideas or help is appreciated thanks
you could use neodymium magnets, those are the really strong ones that come as small circles. You'll need them fairly strong so that the wind doesn't open it at motorway speeds.

As for opening it, you could use JB weld and put a little tab on the door at the bottom that sticks out or you could keep a plastic flathead screwdriver or trim removal tool or similar on your keys and just jimmy it open that way