1997 Cabrio roof latch

Hi All,

I have recently been given a 1997 K11 Cabrio which was an import from Japan, from an elderly neighbour. The car seems in perfect condition as it has been garaged since import.

The only problem I have found is the roof catch on the drivers side no longer has a hook to secure the roof shut.
Having read through some posts on this great site, it appears that this vehicle is pretty rare and sourcing parts for the roof may be impossible in this country.

My question is to anyone else who owns one, is there any suggestions on where I might be able to source a replacement either in the UK or abroad.

Thanks in advance
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Hi welcome to the forum and to a very small community of Cabriolet owners I will pm you and hopefully we can help you source the parts you require! If you could post some pics of your Cabrio that would be great?

Andy :)
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I have taken a couple of pics of the part I am trying to locate