1995 998cc running on 3 cylinders after wash.

Hi guys!

New to the forum, feel cheeky going straight in asking for help but I'm in pretty desperate need right now.

I washed my car today (not the engine just the bonnet, wings etc.) And since then it's not firing on cylinder 4. I've recently replaced the distributor cap, rotor arm and plugs, there is definitely a good spark there and the timing is correct.

I've read a lot that the MAF needs resoldering, but also that this is only with the coilpack cars? Also that wouldn't explain why it happened when it got wet.

This has happened once before, it lasted a couple of days. I was going to check the timing so I warmed it up, shut it off, pulled the tps, ran it, shut it off, replaced the tps, and then when I went to drive it later it was magically fine.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm seriously confused!
hola, a mi me pasaba cuando lavaba el motor, y es porque una de las gomas que protege una bobina estaba dañada, y entraba agua y perdía la chispa, cambie las 4 bobinas (porque la goma sola no la conseguía), ahora va bien .
revisa bien las bujias
In my experience of K11's this could be one of 2 things.

A faulty injector. I had one years ago and it was very erratic on working, just came and went. The injectors tend to be reliable on a whole, but if one is not functioning it will just get worse or continue.

It could be the MAF sensor, do you have a pre face lift, (handy to put what vehicle you have in your signature), if so the re-soldering the throttle body board could help, if you get damp air incoming (with a bad MAF sensor), it will make it run bad.

I have just re-soldered my daily this weekend, it s common problem with older K11's.