1991 Ls values?

Hi, just joined

Hoping to get information on a value for...

1991 Micra Ls
34,000 miles (approx)
2 previous owners, (current and one before are father and daughter)
Always looked after and garaged
Spent its whole life in the same area
Very original and VGC

Thanks in advance
I'd guess maybe £900-1200 if it's in really good shape. At least, that's what I've seen others sold for with similar mileage, condition, etc.

It is very good, here are some photos...





Blimey, she's a beaut!
If I was in the market for a K10 I'd be down to see it pronto
In that case I'm sure you could fetch a grand easily, but I don't think much more sadly as outside of the enthusiast scene Micra's just aren't that desirable, most people just see them as outdated boxes lol. But if you find the right person you'll be in luck!
for some context: I bought an 'f' reg white LS 3 door for £400 in feb of this year. 30,000 miles and mint. I think £1400 is top spec 1.2 money personally.