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1991 K10 Micra

So i bought myself a k10 micra as a cheap reliable run about while i finish fixing my megane.

I said i wasnt going to modify it but i just cant help myself so the plan is:

de wipered
Lowered on jom coilovers for polo 6n
matt black
13x8 wheels with 225/45 tyres
rangerbob arches
sr20de conversion

I forgot to take picture of removing rear wiper but only took 10mins and used a grommet in hole for now until i get it welded up properly.

I got polo 6n jom coilovers and manged to modify the fronts to fit by drilling out top mount and drilling a hole in shock 5mm below.

Not sure if you can see in picture but by fitting the fronts its caused both front wheels to point outwards while steering wheel is straight.
Tried taking it for a drive and its so bad the tyres are screeching just driving forward slowly.

Just need bushes on the rears to be cut down a bit and they should fit on.

Got my new wheels today Revolution 4 spokes 13x8j they have 175/50 tyres on so once ive worn out ill put some 225/45 on for lots of grip.

Alot lower profile than standard steels so sitting even lower.

Sticks out a bit so just need to order some new wide arches before i fit them all.

Managed to get rear shocks on today. Think im on bumpstops all round as its very bumpy.

Got tracking done aswel and it turns out i have almost 1 degree positive camber on the front.

Just waiting on arches which should hopefully come tomorrow then ill put new wheels on.
I received my style 2 wide arches in post so went about fitting them. The pictures are in the wrong order and cant seem to move them.

I marked the outside position of where the arch will sit and marked an inside cutting line atleast 20mm inside that.

I drilled and tapped a thread into the body work and used bolts to fix them so i can remove for painting without drilling out rivits.

Taped arches on to get rough idea how they will look.

Arches are alot wider than i thought it makes them 8j wheels look very narrow.

Got plenty of arch clearence now and i put a bit of zinc primer on to stop edge rusting.

Added a bit of weight to the boot to stop try compress the rear springs so they dont knock on top mounts.

My first ever time using a welder i was kind of doing it blind as i had no mask or anything. Going to get a mate to finish it off properly.

Pulled of the plastic inner arches and trims and found rust.

The car lines make them look like there difference heights but measuring from floor arches are level.

When cutting out rear arches the inner and outter skin has seperated so ive used a bit of the arch i cut out to weld back in the gap.

With the metal being quite thin i thought my dremel would be upto the task but after a mate used 20 cutting discs on that one arch.
I decided to break out the 9" grinder for the other 3.

A blurry picture of all 4 fitted.

Tomorrows job is to try and get car painted matt black.
Started putting the first coat of paint on the rest of the car. My painting skills are bad but it should look less patchy after a few coats.

Took a while to paint and was getting dark but managed to get it done then 5mins after walking in doors i heard rain.

The damage the rain caused. good job it was quick drying paint or it could have been alot worse.



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Love this so far.
What arches are you using?
And did you prep the car before rollering it?
Touched up the bits that the rain washed off then gave it a second coat all over and put 1 coat on arches.
Might do bumpers aswel, it could probably do with a third coat but didnt want to chance weather today.
Only used about 0.5l doing all this so still got 2l left in my tin to touch it up in future.

Next on the list is brakes then after that engine conversion.

Wondering if i can fit the 260mm discs from a k12 then use some wilwood 4 pots to fit under my 13s
Heres some pictures from Modified Live at brands hatch on the weekend.

Need to change the passenger headlight it keeps exploding bulbs everytime i turn it on i think its got water in it or something.

Needs a bit of a clean and a bigger engine.

The day ended with alot of scraping and banging getting wedged on speed bumps and scraping driving down country roads.
Think ive already put a hole in exhaust it sounds like its blowing.
As much as it looks good this low i might have to raise it to make it slightly more practical before something breaks.
The standard micra 1 speaker system and radio was useless even swapping the little 3" speaker for a 6x9 it was distorted by 1/2 volume and not even loud.
I won a ipod dock off ebay for £7.50 it takes 12vdc so i just cut the plug off end and wired it to headunits positive and negative, it even comes with a little remote so easy to change songs while driving.

I bought a nice big 5" rev counter off ebay which fits perfectly in the space to the right of the clocks.
It was easy to wire to the ignition and headlights but bit awkward running wire to negative on coil had to pull dash forward a bit.
The car idles at 1k and goes upto 1.5k when choke kicks in, i set the shift light at 5k as i dont know what these are good to rev to.

I havnt taken any pictures yet but ive put the helpers back in the coilovers its made it a nice softer ride and havnt scrapped on anything yet but bad news is its quite a few inches higher so dont look as good.
The steering feels more responsive now that the steering arms aint at a 45 degree angle facing up but has put my tracking miles out dont fancy spending another £40 when i only got it done few weeks ago.
The rear end is still knocking even with helpers in so not sure how to solve that.
Havnt updated this in a while not really done anything but enjoy driving the car.

Bought some bike carbs cheap off ebay to try and fit.

Also bought a spare engine with a 5 speed box.
Im going to clean that one up fit bike carbs get a nice exhuast manifold made then swap engine over.

Havnt updated this in quite a while so heres whats been happening.

Started stripping down my spare engine to clean up and rebuild but thats as far as its got so far.

Stripped more out weight out of the car in preperation for Fast Show at Santapod.
No heating to keep me warm.

Losing front bumper to save weight. Wasnt sure where to put number plate.

Deciding where to put indicators.

Spent half hour making nice steel brackets for indicators and just as i was about to fit them i realised cable ties are lighter!

Loosing rear bumper to save more weight.

Thought ill be different and move plate off the boot.

Used motorbike led bolts to light numberplate up.

Thought ill try weld up some of the holes left then realised i have no idea how to use a welder.

A mate got me a bit of sheet steel to flush my boot lid but ####ed up on his measuring so it didnt go to the edge. Once again i tried welding and failed and ran out of welding wire.

Put 2 bolts in sheet metal as i dont trust my welds then just smoothed off edges a bit.

Thought ill strip down wiring loom of what isnt needed to save more weight took some electrical tape off it then realised this is gona take more than a day so just cabled tied up and left it.

Gave car another quick paint to freshen it up, ive painted this thing more times than ive washed up.

First time taking car up strip, need better tyres had so much wheel spin off the line even with the standard 1 litre 4 speed. Took 4 and half hours to get 2 runs in.

Got beached going into South Mims services on way back from Santapod dont think my bush is meant to be hanging half out.

Bought some new 260mm vented discs but will need bit of modifying to fit.

Fit nicely inside a set of 13" with wilwood 4pots.

In preperation for going back down drag strip on the 17th i bought some nice wide semi slick tyres.
215/50/13 they stick out flush with arches so had to raise car quite alot to stop rubbing.

Makes the rear tyres look so small.