1989 nissan pao

Hello, I am looking at buying a pao, which is in the States. It is an automatic car.

It was a Japanese import and looks pretty good. About 80000 km

Anyway, I have a question about the high speed buzzer. Apparently the current owner has taken in to several highway trips. During those trips, where the speeds were in excess of 70mph, there was a warning buzzer.

It this warning buzzer to indicate over taxing the engine, or to indicate that the car is not operating with fuel economy, or does it indicate the rev limiter?

I just don't want to buy a car that is gone on several trips where the engine has been over taxed.

Thanks.... Paul
70 in an auto Pao??? Must be a good one. You can remove the buzz by opening up the speedo and snipping a wire...... If only i could remember which one...