17s on a k12?


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my k12 is currently on std 15s and i was hopin in the near future to put a set of 17s on. can this be done,will it knock my speedo out and do i need any kind of fittin kit.also whats best mulispokes or a 5 star design?any ideas?


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Seen these 17" rims on a c+c. Apparently they went straight on. :glance:


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halfords must have been talking bull to me then when they said 195/50/15 would rub and made me bought 195/45/15! :down:


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nope, we go by the team dynamics fitting bible, which tells us weather or not they will rub, or might catch..... gotta cover our backs.
i a 195,45,15 is recomended then thats what we will sell you...


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I've got 17s on my K12, the arches are huge on a K12 so I can get full lock no probs, no rubbing. But it's not lowered currently. Mine are the old Wolfrace Mantis wheels. Most Wolfrace wheels these days come in 18" fitments for a K12 so you should have no problems with 17s. Have a go with their wheel simulator that should give you ideas.