165/60 R14 spare wheels wanted in the London or Bristol area

Hello you lovely people.

I'm part of a two-man team driving a 2002 Micra 1.0 in this year's Mongol Rally.

The rally starts in less than two weeks and we've hit a snag that I hope you all can help us with.

See, we left getting the extra spare wheels we needed until sort of the last minute thinking that as Micras are pretty common it would be fairly easy. Unfortunately we completely struck out this weekend so I figured that you lovely chaps/chapettes might know where to look.

Basically we need one or two wheels with 165/60 r14 tyres. If you're in the Greater London area on anywhere near Bristol and have one to spare, one of us can pop by to pick it or them up (and pay, obviously) any time before Sat 23rd.

Our blog is at:


If you want to follow our progress (The Micra is the most popular Mongol Rally car, so there'll be loads of us going I expect).




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i had one but the slx i was stripping was towed away by some durty sons of poooooooo
the breakers on alperton lane BRENT should have em, if it aint to far for you