Hi. I have recently acquired a 55 plate 160sr for a measly £600!

It runs and drives great but is in need of a wheel alignment and balancing but that seems about it.

There is a loud noise when locking the door coming from the drivers side. I have seen some YouTube videos so plan to get this done at some point but doesn't really bother me yet!

It has just over 100k on the clock. It has already recently had oil/filter/oil filter done but was planning to change the spark plugs and a general check around the engine bay. Should I expect any issues with the timing chain? Again unsure if this has been done...
Welcome to the club - with the timing chain, I wouldn't rush to get it changed. If its been done, great, if it hasn't, chances are it isn't gonna grenade itself tomorrow. I'd say wait until you've had it for a while, make sure it's worth doing the work to (considering the whole thing cost less than some garages will charge for changing it), and then just do it when you've got a bit of money burning a hole in your pocket.
SAME as Vickers89 just bought my micra 160sr but with 80,000 no mot ABS light and TRACTION CONTROL light on
runs great stops starts but will not pass MOT until these light get cured NOT A SIMPLE FIX previous owner changed front abs sensors and abs pump no joy.
I've tried fuses and bought a scanner thats not said much so i've put it into local garage.
Not all abs pumps fit and he thinks its the wrong pump
Do they make michelin tyres for these 160SR.jpg
What they like to drive ?
I mean its a K12 with stiffer suspension and bigger wheels/tires to boil it all down. Bit harsh over bumps sometimes, but great in corners and weighs nothing, so it's plenty chuckable to make up for the relatively low power
Brill news anyone ever gone more power juke engine or even gtr ?
I've had a look at the idea, but obviously I dont have that kind of money.

The Juke got both the HR and MR engines, meaning that it shouldnt be too hard to sort of reverse engineer what they did and then put in an MR - so then the Nismo Juke engines could be used (although clearance could be an issue for the turbo)

For making extra power from the standard engine, see https://www.micra.org.uk/threads/k12-160sr-project.68309/ as that thread talks about the 150hp Greek turbo kit, although while the dealer still exists I haven't contacted them or anything.

Other than that, you'd be spending a lot of money dicking about with engine swaps, and given the small engine bay you won't be putting anything too fancy in anytime soon in reality

Mika The Finn

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After minor tweaks to my 160SR, engine produces now 119.8hp, it's enjoyable to drive :cool:
Thought nothing to compared to my 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, with 347hp/519Nm at rear tires... :love:
-06 Micra 160 SR of Mika The Finn
K&N air filter, modified air intake, and Cobra rear muffler, they have sold out and don't manufacture them anymore.
Umagumma had good thread about Cobra rear exhaust, but unfortunately it looks like he has deleted it. I copied pics bellow from he's thread.





Hi Mika,

I haven't deleted ANY posts? Where the **** has my original post gone I wonder. I have managed to gain an extra 20 BHP from the 160SR and was going to share it, right here / right now BUT when some of my posts have been deleted by moderators (certainly not by me) I think twice about wasting my time contributing to this forum.