160sr Stock wheel gap measurement?

Been thinking about improving the handling on my 160sr. The only viable options I can see which would work well seeming I don't want adjustable coilovers, would be a decent used set of impul or Nismo shocks from Japan, or Bilstein B8 with some lowering springs. The latter is what I would prefer, had B6's before and loved them, not cheap though. While on subject, Bilstein B4 vs stock
160sr shocks, similar?

Anyways. Firstly I want to make double sure what's actually on my car right now, as to me it looks a little high for whats meant to be a factory lowered car. Mine is completely stock, stock wheels with stock tyre profile.

Can anyone tell me the wheel gap (to underside of wheel arch measured vertically from wheel centre) on a completely stock 160sr? I know most on here will be modified but hopefully someone can help. A measurement from the centre of the Nissan badge on the wheel (hub centre) would be great. To the top of tyre or the ground would also be fantastic.