160sr Induction Kit

Has anyone on here ever fitted an Injen induction kit to their 160? Noticed this one on eBay and as it is for the HR16DE I was thinking that it should fit. But before I spend half of what the car cost me I wanted to get everyone's opinions on it.

Yes, I modified stock intake tube. => -06 Micra 160SR of Mika The Finn

Induction modification of my 160 SR
I removed 160SR duct a while back. It's all the way from intake to air box about 54mm in diameter. I found two intake silencers, most likely to muffle suction noise in drive by noise test, in duct. When I installed cold air induction to my Camaro, instructions told to plug or remove silencers, in order to avoid turbulence in air flow. I tough follow same principal with Micra and taped silencer openings in duct, I left silencers in place. Bigger one has mounting post for duct. There are three openings in duct, the 3rd is for sucking warm air from top of engine to prevent throttle body freezing in moist and cold environment. Two taped openings are circled with orange in pictures. This modification took about hour. I don't know is it my imagination, since something was done. But throttle response seemed to be little bit crispier... :rolleyes: