1.4 Cams Info Please


I am going to be fitting some 1.4 cams into my 1.0. Only going to be fitting the inlet for now, as I am mostly interested in mid range pull and not too much on the high end.

I am going to be following the approach outlined in the 'Micra gets big cams'

One thing I am not sure about is that I thought the new inlet camshaft has to go in in the exact same way as the old one is removed. BUT in the video, at 5 min 50 sec, they put the new camshaft in at 90 degrees to the position of the old one. Why? (i am aware that in the video they are working on the exhaust camshaft but the principle is still the same right)

Sorry if I am being dumb but I am very novice at engine DIY, so any help would be appreciated.



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they probably meant that they had to turn it 90 deg to get the dizzy drive slot located, then tuned it back 90deg before fitting the caps