1.3 misfires on cylinder 2

I have a 1.3 super s and it missing on cylinder 2 I've tried plugs/leads/whole distributor and injectors and it's still missing
I'm now really stuck with this car
so dont really know what it can be some people are saying that it could be a stuck valve but I have no clue
I have done a compression test and all four cylinders are coming back with about 100psi to 105psi
hopefully someone could shed some light on this subject


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100 psi is pretty low phil, was the throttle held open ?
but it rules out a valve problem tho
is it a random missfire ?
no my dad turned it over for me whiles doing it
so times it will miss fire and sometimes run fine
and most of the time now it struggles to start and puffs a bit of white smoke out
I've tested it with the noid lights and seems to be flashing fine and I've done spark test and that seems to be fine as well could it be a stuck valve???