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1.3 LX 1993 from Denmark

Hi everyone.

Back in a new Micra (our 9th K11) after a year or so driving old Xantias. Feels really good and comfortable.
So, we started looking around for a new Micra about a month ago. Plenty of crap around, but then this little '93 1.3 LX showed up. Fresh MOT, decent price, not too far away. Color code is: LKO, Grey Amethyst Pearl. Interior trim code: K, Grey.

Got the price down a bit over the phone, and met up with the owner same evening. He had just aqquired the old car from an older man, fixed some things up, a bit of rust repairs, and MOT'd it a couple of days earlier.
The car has only got 137.000 km on the clock. That's not much, considering the 21 years of use in Denmark.
My first K11 went above 420.000 km, before I sold it, and it still ran really good (but was very rusty).

The car is in pretty good shape, although not perfect of course.
It's got a few little patches of touched up paint. A scratch here and there. A hole in the passenger seat, which has been stitched up. And I need to get some rustproofing sprayed underneath the car, before the rust attacks again.

It runs fine, but has a slight hesitation, when getting on the throttle. Haven't found a cure for this yet. So if anyone has any ideas...?

Put in some new spark plugs (Bosch Super 4), and a GA16 airbox, which needs a new filter. The airbox made the car less noisy, which is quite nice. Just a nice, soft tone from the engine.
Got some cheap 15" Enzo wheels with 195/50R15 tires from a Clio. Made the speedometer readings pretty close to actual speeds. Car has a bit taller gearing now. Good for cruising and motorway speeds, not good for accelleration.

Here's a few pictures. I'll keep the blog updated along the way. Thanks for looking.

Future plans:
1: Get the car running smoothly.
2: Rustproofing underneath.
3: New air filter for the GA box. And cold air feed from the front. Right now it sucks air from behind the battery.
4: Lower it (around 40 mm).
5: A set of decent 13" winter tires for the steel rims.
6: Sports exhaust (cat back) - not too noisy.
7: I'd like some 14" wheels at some point. The 15's are quite heavy, and to a degree ruins the lightfooted nature of the Micra.


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Ulrich C
A few more pictures, now that it has stopped raining.

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Ulrich C
OK. Had a bit of success today.
I've been annoyed by the on/off feeling or hesitating throttle feeling. Really annoying in dense traffic.
Yesterday I took the Idle Adjust Valve off, and cleaned it. Didn't make a difference I thought (only had it idling afterwards for a handful of minutes).
This morning idle was all over the place - mostly quite high - and the car was just really a pain to drive through town.

So, I waited for the rain to stop (washed the car meanwhile), and went to work.
Took off the IAV again. This time I took care to adjust the gap to fully closed (after reading Pollyp's blog), and tried to mount it again. Also, I found out that the O-ring in the IAV was sitting a bit strange. Started the car, went for a drive, and it was much better. Idle was too high, but totally steady. Car pulled along fine, less on/off hesitation.
Took the IAV off again a few times, and adjusted it further. Also tightened the slack in the throttle cable, and made sure everything was OK in that department.
So now the little grey Micra is steady idling, smoother riding and all is good again.

Oh, and I also swapped the Bosch Super 4's back to the old NGK's again. Made a remarkable difference. Better response when accellerating. More even power delivery.
I'll order some new NGK-somethings when funds allow.
Ulrich C
Decided to clean up the exterior a bit. Removed the number plate surroundings and the DK sign.
Of course keeping the original 1993 Car of the year sticker in the back window. :)
Was your Bosch Super 4's new, strange that "worked" that way.. I'm comming up on a plug change and I was thinking about getting Super 4's, hmm..
Ulrich C
Go for some good NGK's.
My car had a quite annoying habit of cutting out when accelerating from low revs. It went away with the swap back to the old NGK's.
Ulrich C
Took the Micra to Hamburg for business (have to arrive in style, right?).
Couldn't resist a quick shot next to this 2nd facelift in almost the same color. First generation meets the last generation.