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1.2 SE - daily driver from Copart

First post for me on here; you'll usually find me over on fiestastoc.com where I have a MK6 MP165 (2.0 N/A), and a MK6 which has been engine swapped with a MK7 ST engine (1.6 turbo).

Went on Copart on New Year's Eve, placed a little bid on a lot and ended up with this:




It's a 2003 1.2 SE, written off as a category N which is apparent in the pictures above; best part about the car is the odometer reading, currently only on 63,6XX miles - the whole point of this car is to take my MP165 off daily driver duties, so it having a low mileage is a nice bonus!

Not even picking the car up until Tuesday, and I've already picked up a set of K11 steels for it - I know the centre bore is 1mm too small (easily sorted) and the tyres on them are 165/60/14 which aren't ideal, but for £30 they'll make a nice spare set. Hoping to tidy the car up a bit and enjoy some cheap, hassle-free motoring!
Well I've had the car a little while now (taking it from 63,600 to 67,300 miles so far) and I'm impressed with the little thing - it transpired that the rear axle was bent, so I've sorted that with a replacement second hand unit.

Other bits I've done:

- Fitted RX-8 seats, and an old Alpine head unit with Parrot Bluetooth kit and Alpine 6x9s;




- Got some 15" steels shod in 185/55/15 tyres;
- Roughly painted said wheels in black;
- Refurbished headlights (again, roughly).