1.2 exhaust front pipe to middle section gasket

I got the rear box and mid sections of the exhaust replaced a few weeks ago. It's started leaking at the joint to the front pipe. It used to be a great little business, but they have sold it on and those there now are just cowboys, I'm not going back no matter what.

I was going to have a look at fixing it myself first, is there a gasket in there for the flange joint?
If what type of gasket, google isn't helpful.

Can it be reused with some paste or is a it a compression type?
Do you have flange or no flange exhaust?
Mine has flange type.
The flange type has rings you can look up on euro car part and other part catologues online they usually list every part number for things such as exhaust ect.
Not sure if this will be what you want as micra k12 have 2 types of exhaust system.
First image works for rear box and center silencer to down pipe for exhaust with flanges.
The last image is for downpipe to cat.
BTW that ring type was the cheapest one I could find. EBay..
I have since replaced mine it's best to add a Gasket sealer as well.

Can you reuse them in short I would say no first as I bent the first one and became unusable. If you can get it on right fist time or its not that old possibly you can reuse one.

If you are struggling look at my post on exhaust I usually list or take photos of part numbers and places that they maybe listed.
I renewed the back box and mid section then replaced the springs at the cat to down pipe. The springs can prevent the exhaust weld cracking. helps dampen sound gives some extra flexibility to the exhaust.
Its not completely finished i need a couple items replaced still for a full exhaust down pipe is still the same one.
I tried to use all parts that are listed in the diagrams exception of the springs at back box are an alt. Springs in the mid should have been added also but bolts to down pipe stuck so left those for another time.
As far as I know that is how the exhaust should have been from factory.
And that's the method I was trying to replicate as much as possible.
My mid silencer had a hole in the silencer.
Avoid carpart4less for large items my mid silence was not in perfect condition.


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Check here when you struggle to find a part, select your correct model.
That part took a long time to find as I was searching for an alternative to klarius since it did not fit well to the none klarius Down pipe as far as I can recall.