1.2 bhp difference, how to tell?

New to this forum so would appreciate some advice.
Im looking at getting a K12, 1.2 to modify for weekend B Road blats, i.e strip out, change manifold / exhaust and airbox mod along with brake and suspension upgrades. Not looking for nor expecting great performance but I understand that around 100 bhp can be got with such simple mods.
I see that the 1.2 was available in both 60(ish) bhp and 80 bhp.
Obviously an 80 bhp is a better starting block do can I ask, how do I identify a 60 from an 80 bhp model?


In so much as the bhp will be noted on the V5 / registration document?
After all many of the K12 must be getting on for 15 plus years and after many owners I can't imagine the original handbooks or paperwork would be with many of them😂
I was just wondering if Nissan put a sticker somewhere or if the chassis number can be deciphered to see what power the engine has.