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-06 Micra 160SR of Mika The Finn

Touche :)

Few days ago I had a brain fart, when cleaning my ears with JOHNSON'S Baby Cotton Buds. I removed the lid to have a cotton bud and looked at the lid in my hand. It has 90mm diameter and fits neatly on the top of the strut bolt recess.

Attached to the bottom side of lid M14 nut by using construction or industrial adhesive. Found left over from some previous project, black rubber U-edge trim and 4 recesses around the lid rim gives almost a manufactured look.

D.I.Y front strut covers, from lid of Johnson's Baby 200 Cotton Buds 100% Pure!







Awesome Mika! I have one side done which I did a couple of years ago with the lid from a jar of something or other I bought (and forgot what it was!) So only one side covered....... Will post pics.

Will get a tub of cotton wool buds tomorrow and go with your mod for the other side.

Before fitting the "shock waterproof cap" it's also a good idea to fire in some penetrating fluid followed by some grease (allow the penetrating fluid 24 hours to "penetrate" and then smear some grease over the area) cap it off with the waterproof "lid" and you're good to go should your front shocks ever need replacing.


Here in the Land of the Finns we do have Bolt and nut tar for purpose of protecting metal parts in vehicles, machines that are out side a lot.
Commonly used on wheel bolts in spring and autumn during tire change, no corroded = stuck bolts! ;)

During mid age sail ship fleet of England, used tar for ship rigging, produced in Fin(e)land and shipped to harbors of England.

P.S Have you seen/read my question/message, about "Power Gain" in conversation section? :unsure:;)

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LED it be!

I finally got around to installing Chinese made led-H4 bulbs to my Micra...
Friend of mine checked the lights with an aiming device at his garage. He said aim is great, and almost none of that weird reflection that is blinding/troubles on coming traffic, associated with H4-led bulbs.
Compared to halogen H4 bulbs, these put two times more light, in rain on black tarmac, I was able to see very well.
Autumn/winter is very near here in the Land of the Finns, interesting to find out how long they will last.
Small excitement for me when driving around, cause H4-led bulbs don't have any kind of E-approval.
I have to change bulbs to H4-halogens prior Finnish yearly MOT in March.

Bible: "Let there be light, and there was light.";)

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