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02 K12 1.4 3 door manual

New mags 17x7 with 205/40s... 40 offset

Will clean her up

Next things will be Matte black 3M wrap and Hopefully tomorrow morning ill have a front strut bar,
and photos to show how it looks. Bar will be by ultra racing as they are the only ones who make for this model.
I have managed to get my Strut Bar installed, very easy less than ten minutes. It runs close to fire wall so keep space or vibrations bad :). Bar costs $140 NZD name is Ultra Racing....
The handling on open roads is very much improved even on straights car is not pulled around by road surface as easy, cornering in town is also much improved. Next will be a rear sway bar to lock it all up, choice of 18 mm or 16 mm steel thickness. Overall for the little money it was a good investment.