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Hi. Firstly apologies, I think I just posted this question in the K12 blog by mistake. I need to replace the battery on our K12 S auto. The battery the local garage fitted 4 years ago is an 012. My online search for a new battery is advising me to fit an 063. The 012 seems to have been fine, which is correct?
In mine its got halfords 063.
Was changed a few year ago by the last owner.
It seems okay not sure what was In place before then.
I have two of these halfords branded and would have fitted the larger one but I think might be double size and not enough room for it in the tray.
The 063 is what halfords recommend for the replacement.
Normally they (Halfords) Recommend higher a CCA, Ah.. (cold cranking amp and amp hour).
I would say the 063 isn't a perfect fit for the k12. But does the job and works well.
Reason being the positive post does not line up nice as shown in the image below.



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Thx for replying. Mine is an Exide 012. Confusing. The reason I'm considering a replacement is the missus didn't click the boot lid shut properly when she parked up and the following day the battery was completely dead. Not a peep. Called out Green Flag for assistance and once we'd got the car started and running for about 15 minutes the bloke checked the battery with his meter and said it gave a Bad / Replace reading. I took it for a 30 minute run and it seems to be OK now though.
Mines gone flat twice its not very strong in winter and I think a couple days without running and it requires a recharge I think its fine though just need to drive a few miles to make sure it gets a proper charge.
If your gonna get one check carparts4less they are very competitive prices.

You should check the age if the battery and consider a plug in battery level meter or multimeter to tell if its good or bad after a charge. 12.6v should be alright.
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