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    Is it easy and straight forward
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    need to know weather I can turbo my Micra k10 and where u can get a turbo from Also can I put the almerea 1.4 engine in my k10?
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    *BREAKING* K10 Super S

    Any of this available still
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    Modified 1.0 turbo engine

    Is this for sale?
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    Show off your k10

    What engines could I put in this to make it quicker
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    Micra K10 Spoiler *FOR SALE*

    Hi is this still available
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    Help on new k10

    hi guys having trouble locating parts for my new mk1 k10 Micra all o want is to know weather the Micra st k10 bumper would fit on my k10 and also a website for parts to make my car quicker can anyone help please!
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    Micra k10 Hellllp

    I really just want to make the car perform better in Hp and get the car looking nice on the outside as well also I want to know what engine I can get that will fit my car will make it faster
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    Micra k10 Hellllp

    Hi Guys I have just brought a k10 Micra for a project as I think they look bloody awesome modded only thing is I am struggling to find a uk website for performance parts and mods for it can anybody help me please!! Also I wan