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    How to remove the boot?

    Hi Everyone, I have some rust at the lip of the roof just at the top of the boot. So to repair it I will need to remove the boot. Taking off the boot seems fairly easy, but how does one remove the electrical connections to the boot? Ive pulled off the rubber gators and there doesnt seem to be...
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    Stiff/Resistance Gearstick

    Hey All, Anyone experienced a mechanical resistance when pushing your gearstick to the left to go into first or second and resistance when pushing right to go into fifth gear and reverse? I have no problem getting into the gears there just seems to be resistance when pushing the gearstick...
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    Tool to remove gearbox plug

    Hi all, I have a 2003 K11, I think my gearbox is a bit low on oil and there seems to be a leak from the gearbox. I want to take out the gearbox plug to check the oil level and top it up. However the plug is like a hexagonal shape and I dont have any tool that will fit it. Any one got any...
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    Central Locking Woes

    Hey all, Just bought myself nice wee K11 2002 micra with 36k on the clock. However the central locking aint working. I have one key which looks like its never been used and I have replaced the battery in it and tried to reprogram the key to the car as described in other posts but it doesnt...