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    How to remove ECU?

    hi all, can anyone walk me through step by step how to remove the ECU from a K12 please?
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    Broke down now won't start, throttle problem?

    Hi all, I'm posting on behalf of my parents who have a K12 which cut out on them after driving on some wet roads on Saturday. Their K12 cut out on them, and the RAC turned up, and read off error codes of P2122, P2138 and P1229. They all seem to relate to throttle sensors, has anyone ever...
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    K11 Throttle Body

    hi all, After my problems in this thread my mechanic has suggested a new throttle body. Any one got one? Mines a 95 1 litre
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    How can I read my ECU error codes?

    Hi all, I've already posted about a fuelling problem I have atm, I'm just wondering though if anyone knows how I can read the fault codes on my ECU? Is there a tool out there where I can hook it up to a computer and read any error codes which might be coming out of it please? Thanks.
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    Broke down - dont know whats happened

    Hi all, I broke down on my drive earlier, tested the battery and its fine,and I have plenty of petrol. The RAC man said he thinks the ECU isn't telling the fuel injectors to release fuel to the engine. He said he squirted fuel into the engine and it was fine and I could rev it when the...
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    Windscreen washer jets / nozzle clogged

    Hi all, Hope someone can help. All of my washer jets don’t spray water except one sometimes. This has only really affected me in this horrible weather, but today was the last straw as I couldn't see much on a 70mph dual carriageway and had to buy a 2l bottle of Volvic water to pour on my...
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    What are those cheap SD Card Headunits like?

    Hi all, I've just bought a Civic to share with me and the mrs, and the standard HU is a cassette! So i'm going to upgrade, and can't decide whether these cheap (£30-40) headunits which take SD Cards and USB input sound any good or not? Has anyone got any experience with them, I'd love to...
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    Battery for 97 K11 - how much?

    hi all, I am selling my mrs' K11 on Friday, and just my luck it wouldn't start last night. I need a new battery, so just want a cheap as chips one but phoned up a few local part firms who want £30+, is this about right? Cheers.
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    Where can I buy a Nissan badge for K11?

    Hi all, My mrs' K11 (pre facelift but the one with the updated grill) is missing a Nissan badge, it measures approx 75mm x 52mm, any idea where I can buy one please? tried eBay.
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    Help! Can't open bonnet

    Hi all, I can't open the bonnet on my gf's K11, I've tried pulling the catch hard, quickly, slowly etc and it wont pop it, what should I do! thanks in advance!
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    PCV filter - can you replace it?

    Hi all, I searched and got this thread : but I wondered if I could replace the PCV filter thing as it seems really gunky and wonder if its doing some harm (now and again there are small stones on the mesh bit of the air intake :-S)...
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    Cheapest place for quality oil

    Morning all, I wonder what deals we've all come across for decent oil, I normally use 5 litres of 10w40 Castrol GTX for my 1995 K11, but i'm open to using other brands if people recommend them ! :) I'll start us off with £18.26 from MotorWorld for 5l 10w40 Castrol GTX!
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    iPod / Sony Xplod / K11

    Hi all, I am thinking about getting a 2nd hand cheap iPod for my car, I have a 1995 pre facelift K11 with a Sony X-plod CDX-L400X headunit. Do you think its possible to connect the iPod to the headunit? From the manual of the headunit I can't see as it has inputs for an iPod etc, but I...
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    When it floods - best way of starting up again

    Hi all, You probably know the problem described with K11s (and i think other cars) whereby when the car is started up and moved only a very small amount, it wont start up straight away the next time. Well - when this happens to me i just keep the key turned so it tries to turn over (can...
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    Micra won't start, and can't get bonnet open!

    Morning all, My mrs' 1996 K11 Vibe wouldn't start this morning :( I have a 94 K11 Tropic which on occasion doesn't start and i have to pump the accelerator whilst the key is turned turning the starter motor, and eventually it starts. Tried for 15 or so mins though on my Mrs' and it...
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    Brake cylinders and shoes problem - help!

    Hi all, I took Mrs stokefan's R reg K11 in for its MOT yesterday, and it failed :( The tester said something about the rear brake on one side, and the handbrake. (sorry I can't remember more details) he mentioned that what he thinks has happened is that fluid has leaked over the brakes...
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    Car feels unstable at high speeds

    hi all, I think i've got a problem with my K11... When I'm doing anything over about 60mph, sometimes my car feels like its being blown about in high winds, a bit like it feels when you overtake a big lorry on the motorway on a windy day if you get me. Also when I'm going round some sharp...
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    New back box and middle section exhaust - how much?

    hi all, my mrs has an extreme rattle on her exhaust, at first it was a little loud at stationary, thought it might just be at a certain frequency but now its rattling as if it's gonna fall off.... so she wants to get a new exhaust today, I dont think the outlet manifold needs replacing...
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    Does my 1994 K11 have a rev limiter?

    Please help us settle an office debate, does my M plate 94 K11 have a rev limiter, or will it "valve bounce" if I rev it too high?
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    Advised by mechanic to start looking for another car!

    Hi all, :( I just spent £300 on a service, MOT and the welding of 4 parts under my car (2 seatbelt anchorages, an entire sill and something else) and my mechanic told me he thinks I should start thinking about car shopping as opposed to another MOT next time :( He thinks when cars start...