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    K11 Dashpod 3D model

    Hi everyone. I'm the proud owner of a beaten '92 silver Super S, which is needing a good paintjob. While I get a good source of income that would allow me to afford it, I'm buying other parts to improve handling and make the car mine and unique. One of the optionals I like the most is the...
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    Can someone do me a favour around Milton Keynes?

    Hello everyone. I'm afraid i'm going to do the kind of sh*t i hate, ask unkown people for favours. I've been looking for a nice spoiler for my Micra for a long time, and finally found that business, KnightRacers, that seem to be the only ones apart from Russia that make Nismo replicas. The...
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    Headlights (Electrical issues)

    Good night, little car giving me problems again. Just fixed a bent wisbone, battery is dead. Use jumper cables, huge spark but it starts... After i turn off the car, i notice my rear position lights on. Turn the lights on, get the typical beep and rear lights turn off and front turn on. So rear...
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    Wanted K11 Upgrades

    Hi, just bought a 1.3 Super S and i'm looking forward to upgrade it's handling, which comes before the poder increase. So i'm wondering if someone might be willing to sell one of those: -Whiteline sway bar (front, rear or both) -Adjustable panhard rod (gizfab, Whiteline...) Still don't know...