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    retrofit light

    simple im guess it should be legal here too check these guyz out , maad !
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    not satisfied

    there's nothing on the forum to show how to fit this timing chain on the k12 micra ...cmom guys ive know this forum of over 12yrs and not much info...??? i expect better ...for real ive search ever where all ova the net ...not even a link ...that's disgusting .
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    ok another issue with this k12 i got no interior light checked fuse etc ,not sure if the lamp its self is being tampered with ive tried a few things but still on joy just refuse to come on when you open the door
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    idle issues

    just bought my first micra the k12 model 1.2 92,000mls . this one is new to me and wow the carburetor in a plastic casing unbelievable and this hunting jerky thing going on ..ive read doom stories about the stretch timing chain ..on this car it looks like it been done before i notice the red...